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  1. Hiya Galen - looking forward to flying with you! Whats your favorite hull, aesthetically? Favorite drink? Alcoholic or otherwise! I think we've got lots of opportunity for nano/small gang stuff, so I think your joining at a great time!
  2. Hiya! we've definitely got small gangs for you to join - the more the merrier! what’s brought you back into eve? whats your favourite hull aesthetically? what do you do to make isk? looking forward to flying with you!
  3. It was nice to see you come out tonight in the fleet - looking forward to playing with you more! Do you have a favourite ship hull? Whats the most dangerous / risky situation you have been in while playing eve?
  4. Hey Isaiah! Looking forward to flying with you too. We've built a great group over the last couple months here, great to see another jump on board! Whats your favorite thing about exploring? Whats your favorite hull?
  5. Hey, I could definitely use a hauler from time to time! Looking forward trading stories, and definitely creating some.
  6. These are very cool stories - thank you very much for sharing. I’ve heard about that book but have not had time time pick it up. I’ll add it to my list!
  7. Hey there! A lot of us can relate to wanting to fight others who want to fight back - it how you get better! Whats a few details from your favourite PvP moment, regardless of game? Are you reading any books right now?
  8. Hey there! Sounds like you've got a lot of experience to lend on top of wanting to learn new things - awesome! Looking forward to baiting slicers with you 🙃
  9. Awesome. I’ll have to implore you to continue reading _at least_ past the fourth book. And then I can finally have someone to talk to about space operas 🙂
  10. So if your name isn’t a reference to ten sided die - then what?!
  11. Hello fellow person who works in tech. Are you a fan of 10 sided dice? We are all learning small gang PvP at some level right now, so it’s a great time to join if you want to focus on that! We’ve also talked about doing group abysalls at some point. Looking forward to trying to tackle people with you!
  12. Good to see you Rorian, sorry I missed you on the weekend. Dont stop reading the expanse - it gets better and better. What book are you on? Good to see more explorers - what’s your favourite experience exploring so far?
  13. Hey there! Good to see such enthusiasm for learning the game. I’m still learning a lot and continually learning through experience, so I’d be happy to fleet up sometime. I also hang out on discord when I’m online so your welcome to jump into voice chat if you have questions. Whats your your favourite way to make ISK as the moment? Man I’m even more sad that I missed the fleet this weekend. Sounds like I might have to start posting noobie roams so we can all learn together.
  14. Hi, looking forward to chatting in game! I'm also a huge Astero nerd - and would love to go get blown up in a some frigates sometime.
  15. ~ Yay! Looking forward to playing more with everybody.
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