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    ~ Yay! Looking forward to playing more with everybody.
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    Rahk Aorm

    Had fun in the fleet tonight! I'll keep trying until I get that firetail. Thanks for the ship Simone, I'll try not to lose it too quickly. I took another brawler firetail out, had a couple good fights, almost killed a Griffen. Actually! I managed to kill him. That scram is damn annoying. I didn't overheat again, whoops. https://zkillboard.com/kill/66121709/
  4. Rahk Aorm

    Rahk Aorm

    Awesome! Will definately join on Tuesday! Might see you online even before that. I’ll make sure to say hi in the public channel when I am on.
  5. Rahk Aorm

    Rahk Aorm

    To answer the question about Command skills, I have: Mini, Gallente, Amarr Frigate to 4, Caldari Frigate to 3 Mini, Caldari Destroyer to 3 Caldari Cruiser to 3
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    Rahk Aorm

    Well, what is your favourite taco, @Oshri Paliako? I've always aimed towards the Recon role when I'm daydreaming. I wouldn't mind trying out Logi as well, seems like fun. I think I romanticise the recon role a bit, but I understand it is an important contribution and easy to mess up. It fits with my tendency to fly fast-movers. I should be good. I'm currently flying around Stacmon / Ostingele, but I haven't joined up with any faction yet. I was actually scouting out the Black Shark Cult, which IIRC is in calmil as well, but they were based right outside of the galmil staging systems. I've mostly just been roaming into Syndicate and Cloud Ring from there, trying to find exploration sites. I think I'd make a beautiful crepe with mushrooms and tomatoes, and then I would roll it up, stick rusty nails into it, wrap it in duct tape and then call it a Rifter. We make software for car dealerships, helping them quote payments to customers. It has been very rewarding and challenging, and I love it. We've been trying to make a product that stands out compared to other offerings of the same nature, and I think we are succeeding. Unfortunately, a good friend of mine is getting married this weekend, so my actual playtime is limited. It'll be back to normal on Monday. Also, one Fenrir sized Atron or one hundred Atron sized Fenrirs?
  7. Rahk Aorm

    Rahk Aorm

    Hello! I've been looking for a group to join to play EVE for a while now, and I saw your post on Reddit, which lead me to apply. Little did I know I had stumbled upon such a great community! First, my tags range from Rahk on Eve, Dayne on Blizzard games, and Verse on just about everything else. You can probably just call me Matt. I'm a pretty avid gamer as time permits, playing games like Stardew Valley, Skyrim, Witcher, Overwatch, CSGO, and League of Legends (a lot, once, not at all anymore). Here's my steam profile if anyone is interested. I've been playing Eve off and on probably since 2009 when I started my trial. Unfortunately, I've never found a group to play with, perhaps because I was intimidated by the application process / put off by the suspicion that the groups viewed the applications. I'm looking forward to having a fleet to jump on with and fly around. Why did I get into Eve? Spaceships. I just really like spaceships. Along with everyone else playing this game. Most of my playtime has been spent exploring, and that's where most of my skill points have gone, other than some combat skills which I thought would be handy. I've also dipped into a few base mining, PI, and freighting skills. I've honestly just been following the ship mastery certificates for the Firetail and Astero. I have a second pilot that I used the month of free dual skill training on to get her into the skills for moving stuff around efficiently. I heard this was a good thing for FW pilots. My favourite ship is the Astero, (check out this Eve Reader short story about the Astero it's fantastic), and then probably the Firetail. I'd like to get into a Sabre at one point since they seem pretty fun. I tend to lean towards fast moving ships. I have five or six fully kitted firetails ready to go. I've flown around a few times, but I haven't lost one yet. Outside of games, I work as a software engineer in western Canada, where I've helped build a company from the start, which has been a cool experience. I'm in my mid 20's, have an awesome dog, and am married to my best friend. She's a paramedic, so my gaming schedule tends to rotate around her shifts (she works four days at a time away from home, so that's when I game the most). Other random things (I'm going to cheat a bit); I like my coffee freshly ground and straight from a french press My favourite tacos are soft-shelled fish tacos Favorite beverages are scotch, bourbon, and craft beer I started working out regularly after I broke my leg in 2015, and have seen some significant improvements.