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Wildstar Intro - Indigosha

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Hey Nyisha! Thank you for the nice welcome :D How long are you in Japan for?


Until December, for right now.  I could extend my stay until March, so an extra 3 months, but that could set my graduation back 9 more months.

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Hello! Hope you enjoy what SoH has to offer.

Graphic design is awesome. I have to save your links so I can see your social media things later.

Can't wait to get to know you better! (This was another long thread, so I have to read it later. My eyes blurred from all that text.)

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It's like he doesn't even see my posts :(


So, what happens sometimes is I start to type a post.  And then people come into my office.  And maybe an hour transpires, and then I eventually type the remaining sentences and hit Send.


That's what happened here. :(

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Welcome to the forums! Not sure if anyone else answered this but the scheduled raid times are: 


Wednesday, Sunday, Monday from 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern to 9 PM Pacific / 12 AM Eastern


Yay for copy/pasta!

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