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Wildstar Intro - Terse


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Welcome! We will have to agree to disagree about Firefly, but I do approve of your remaining show selections.

I'm also excited to hear that you're considering Stalker, as we happen to be a little light in the stealth category currently.

What are you looking forward to in WS? PvE? PvP? Warplots? Raids? Housing? Collecting mini-pets?

Also.. someone will be along shortly to change your status to Guest, so you can browse around and mingle with the rest of the gaming family. :)

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Claiming not to be sad that Firefly was canceled right up front in your intro is a super bold move, I have to say. :p I'm definitely sad for it, and I thought that the River storyline was finally fleshing out with the last episode "Objects in Space". I love letting myself be drawn along the current in excitement over where a story will go, though; it's entirely possible that it would have disappointed! ;)


I wouldn't say that I did the minipets thing in WoW exactly, but being an achievement whore in general I can certainly relate! I was so happy when I finished my last Ulduar achievements through OpenRaid. Filling progress bars is like heroin, even to the point of being visually similar. >.>

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Props for avoiding dysentery.  


Anyway... moving right along.  Have you been playing the open beta?  Did you reserve your name?  Is it Terse?


i've been in the beta since before pre-order was opened. so yes. and yes. Terse ftw.

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