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  1. Hai, I'm Etol! Welcome to the community! What kind of music do you like? Do you read much? What would you do for fun if it were raining cats and dogs and your power were out?
  2. 11 Win arena run! A new personal best!

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    2. Sunny


      awesome! What class? Did you have a good draft?

    3. Etol


      Paladin. It was a pretty solid draft, lots of rush with a few heavies to round out the back end.

    4. Sunny


      nice, nice! Did get a lot of paladin class cards?

  3. Through an odd turn of events I have an extra WoD key. I'd gladly trade it for a 60 day time card or maybe in game gold (unless that's too close to gold buying, I'm not trying to break ToS.)

    1. Torick


      I was gonna buy my copy this afternoon from the Blizz store, but if you want to get rid of a key I can buy it from you. Let me know.

    2. Ashin


      Your face is an odd turn of events!

  4. Got dat WoD, battling a 2k+ queue boss atm though

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    2. Nez


      This is one thing I am glad I don't play any games right now - no lag, que, or elevator bosses.

    3. Etol


      Currently stuck trying to log in

    4. Etol


      "Realms are recovering after a disconnect. If you're experiencing a login issue please try again shortly. Our techs are investigating." from the cs twitter

  5. Trying out this new World of Warcraft game all the kids are talking about, how neat!

  6. Thanks for the heads up Hoots. If you decide to give W* another chance later on feel free to hit us up again.
  7. My wife and I marathoned BoJack on Saturday, that show got WAAAAAY darker than I expected. I also dig Face Off and the Jim Henson Workshop show, I watch both of those with my kids. SyFy also has a show called Heroes of Cosplay that we enjoy.
  8. Hey Cahoots, welcome to the forums! Thanks for the great intro. We're a nosy bunch here so I'm sure other members from the WS chapter or even other chapters will probably stop in to lob random queries at you and watch you dance like a trained monkey. I've got a few questions of my own, some relevant and some not, so here goes: How did you hear about us? Are you characters already on Widow or would you have to transfer? And now for some not-so-relevant questions: Best band you've ever seen live (or what band/artist would you do anything to get to see?) Are you a reader? What's you
  9. Hey, welcome to the forums! What kind of music do you like? What's your favorite non-mmo video game franchise? Favorite book or author?
  10. Our guild is really about community and getting to know each other a little better than "that one healer that heals real good," so with that in mind tell us a little about yourself Arc. What kind of other games do you play? What kind of music do you like? What do you do for a living? All that good stuff. Other members will surely pop in to say hello and ask all sorts of other random questions.
  11. That was indeed a much better introduction! Those were perfect answers to my weird smell question! What about books? Do you read much?
  12. Best band/musician you've ever seen live? Cats, dogs, or other? What's a smell that most people hate that you enjoy (mine is freshly paved road)?
  13. Heyas, welcome to the forums. We like to ask questions here so here goes: Who's your favorite author? Favorite book or series? What's your favorite 90's alt rock/grunge band? How do you cook your steaks? (the last question on has one right answer)
  14. Hi Nazareth, welcome to the SoH forums! I mainly play Wildstar atm but spent a fair bit of time in Aorzea and may pop back in some time in the nearish future. Before moving on I feel it's vital that know some things about you. What's your favorite Tarantino movie? Favorite Black Sabbath song? Cilantro; The worst or "I'd rather gargle with lighter fluid and then use a strike-anywhere match as a toothpick?"
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