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  1. http://www.crunchyroll.com/steinsgate you're welcome.
  2. Welcome to the forums! As you may know, the questions are a traditional way of getting to know you. Usually they are silly fun, but mine are more serious. Stein's Gate or Sword Art Online? Do you watch the complete intro of each anime episode, and why do they have to be like 6 minutes long? Dogs or demon beasts who would kill you in your sleep if they were just a little bigger? How does being born in the 90's compare with being born in the 80's (or 70's)? I look forward to getting to know you!
  3. Today, I feel like clearing my previous status to something happier!

  4. I'm not in Eve, but I have to jump in and ask a random question Which series will be completed first, Game of Thrones or The Name of the Wind?
  5. How do I get into chat on my phone #addict?

    1. Ashin


      It is extremely unintuitive!  Click your menu (the three lines), Click Browse, Click Chat.

    2. Owl
  6. It is with heavy heart that I announce that Dar has moved from chat veteran to chat ghost. If he returns and survives a two week reacclaimation period, he will be reinstated.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Darlantan


      The works! They are so many!

    3. Owl


      I know. Just teasing. Although we do miss you in chat.

    4. Hyna



  7. It may be that may be is not the same as maybe, maybe.

    1. Darlantan


      Of course it's not. Jesus.

  8. PSA: In EvE a POS is a player owned station (for those EvE Lurkers). #PoorlyChosenAcronym

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    2. Ashin


      yeah this one took me a few weeks to adjust to

    3. Owl


      It finally bothered me enough to look it up. :)

    4. Tyrlis


      We use POS to differentiate from the big NPC-owned stations... but Elend and I have spent enough time hauling/setting up/tearing down POSes that I think we've called them pieces of shit as well.

  9. Welcome to the forums! Someone will be around in a bit to get you set up. It traditional to ask some semi-random questions. So here we go Who will you side with in the coming Lala war? The Heros protecting us all or the Lalafel? What's you favorite fruit? What's the most of them you've ever eaten at once? have you ever eaten then straight from the vine/bush/tree? What draws you to tanks? What decade from 1450-2010 produced the best music? Why?
  10. Welcome. If you've been tracking the other's threads you know that it's traditional to ask you some questions. The most important of which is: How do you feel about Lalafel. Best or worst? Choose carefully as this will have not effect your membership in any way. Dogs or Cats? I heard somewhere that if you like dogs you are more like a cat and if you like cats you are more like a dog. Do you know where I heard it? Can you tell me why someone would say that? Which role in a raid is the most thankless? If you go on a road trip do you prefer to listen to the radio, your personal music, audiobooks, or silence. What's the most annoying song ever written for adults?
  11. Welcome! It's traditional (looks disapprovingly upward) to ask some random questions to get to know you better. Why did you choose a monk? What drew you to the class? What's the worst advice you've ever received before playing an MMO? Lalafel, are the better roasted or stewed? Should Pluto be reinstated as a planet, or is he better off as a dog?
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