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  1. Healthcare person checking in - Miss gaming with everyone. Stay safe folks. :love:

    1. Fera


      Been thinking about you old friend. Stay safe and well out there on the front lines! <3 

  2. and... now I've picked up TD2. 

    1. Grieve
    2. Huntyre


      Nah.. ps4. I'm learning to love the comfort of my couch and gaming. The game is gorgeous. 

  3. hey friends! Anyone still playing ESO? If so, what server. :)

    1. Rohj


      There are a few of us still around regularly and a few that pop in every now and again.  NA server 


      Give a shout when you log in and we can get you a guild invite!

    2. Huntyre
  4. Battletech is epic.. that is all. 

  5. I've fallen behind... *sigh* Congrats new people!
  6. clone wars.. sooooo good. In other news... jackfruit or mangos?
  7. welcome! pancakes or waffles? I picked up a Switch a little while ago myself... I pretty much binged a bunch of time on Overcooked. lol
  8. Congrats and welcome!
  9. Well, it's official.. Cary Wong, RN!

  10. School break and ME:A.. it's destiny. :)

  11. oops.. I've fallen behind. Congrats to all the new peoples! (and wb to returning members)
  12. Haha.. think you can change your name under profile though if you'd still prefer Ghastis.
  13. Holy shit! How's life been treating you my friend? It's been fun creeping, err I mean staying in touch on FB. Crack open the old log in and just change your name. lol
  14. Quick question SoH hive mind - For home use, inkjet or laser printer? 

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    2. Ashin


      I haven't owned a printer at home since.. college.

    3. Dililah


      I'm late, but laser if you need a printer!

    4. Huntyre


      LOL.. I know @Ashin - I'm just finding myself needing to print stuff up more when I'm not at work / school lately.


      @Dililah - yep.. that's what we went with. Thank you! :)

  15. Caught up with Critical Role... looking for another series now.

    1. Owl


      I recommend Westworld on HBO and Goliath on Amazon Prime is pretty good.


    2. Noesis


      Force Grey: Giant Hunters on Youtube. Mercer is DM for that one too.


      Also all the Acquisitions Incorporated live events / new youtube series if you haven't watched thos. 

    3. Huntyre


      Already watching Westworld (holy shit!).. I'll keep Goliath in mind. Off to check out Force Grey.. possibly AI afterwards. Thanks!


  16. Happy Halloween SoH!

  17. Return 2 Games: Book of Demons just went early access on Steam today. Well worth taking a look at if you like ARPGs.  http://store.steampowered.com/app/449960/

  18. Free key for Skullgirls if anyone wants -  H0VY7-V848A-GZJEE

  19. Necropolis pre-purchased and waiting for dl! Harebrained do not fail me. 

  20. Just picked up Eon Altar and Technomancer on the Steam Summer Sale. :)

    1. Grieve


      I'll be looking forward to a review of Technomancer. It's on my radar, but I'm not sure the current discount is enough yet for me to leap at it.

  21. Happy Father's Day to all the SoH Dad's! 

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