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It me (Introduction)

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"It is better to yeet than to be yote"


Hello my name is Justin, age 25, happily engaged, and currently not in state of poverty. I love anime, the gym, and video games. Just looking to get back into structured play with D2 and potentially WoW in the future expansion. 

I'm a little loud, sometimes I say things that don't make sense, but I'm honest so I think that makes up for it. Just shoot me a PM if I'm being too much or something and I'll tone it down. 

Please be prepared for me to Jojo meme/reference regularly, it's my favorite anime/manga. 

That's all I got, I'm pretty two dimensional.


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Welcome to the forums!


Looking forward to catching you in game and yes you can definitely get a bit loud. Though a few of us were last night in Crucible! Let's dig a bit more.


What do you do for a living?

Cats or Dogs?

Favorite food?

Any other games you enjoy outside of D2 & WoW?

What anime are you watching when not watching Jojo?


Well, that's all I've got for now. I expect a few others will be along with questions too.


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I'm a Certified Personal Trainer.
I have a dog Bianca and a cat Sabrina.
Definitely sushi or burritos. Somewhere between there.
I was a Ranked #10 player in Smash 4 in my city. Silver 4 in League of Legends. DBFZ is definitely my favorite fighter right now and I did make top 8 at the first tourney in my region. I havent competed enough to say I'm still top 8 material. 
Megaloboxing and My Hero Academia.

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Hello potential new friend! Looking forward to rocking Leviathan with you.


Random questions!


Who is your favorite character in Destiny 2 and why?


I don't watch anime, but I do enjoy making fun of my son (who does) by enthusiastically performing the Super Saiyan Scream at inappropriate times. Is that wrong?


If I had to hazard a guess, 901 is your zip code and Krool is a character from an anime?

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Yeah man, Ill be down to play saturday night.

Shaxx is definitely my favorite. He is so nice, but also Im pretty sure he could level a city.

Nah man Dads are supposed to tease their kids about shit they like. Puts hair on their chest.

Memphis Zipcode, Krool originally was K.rool from DK Country inspired. I thought he was gonna be in Smash 4 but sadly I was mistaken. So I swapped it to Krool.

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