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  1. MorpheusZero

    Intro, ESO player

    Hello Syy welcome! I too am a software engineer! We are currently using Oracle DBs for our project at the moment. Though I don't really like it haha! Oblivion was the first real "modern" open world game I ever played. And it always will be one of my greatest games of all time. I guess it can be argued that Zelda: Ocarina of Time was my first open world RPG....but we'll save that for another day lol. Are you listening to the Bethesda E3 Conference tonight to hear them talk about Fallout 76? I'm excited to ehar about what they have in store and any possible teasers for Elder Scrolls 6 or content for ESO.
  2. MorpheusZero


    Hey Jim! Welcome! Ask the questions now....I learned the hard way and wasted lots of time in the early game because I wanted to "figure it out". Awesome game with an awesome community! Hope to play with you soon!
  3. MorpheusZero

    intro to Harmacist

    Hey man! Hope to get some Raiding in with you this week! I'm always down for some Overwatch as well! We have to build our numbers and start a revolution here for some Overwatch NOw down to the REAL issues here..... If you could be any vegetable...what would you be?
  4. MorpheusZero


    MAAAAN! Minecraft is my jam though! Since 2012--I've probably got well over 5000+ hours in there....still something I pick up from time to time and do lots of mods. Also no worries on being new to MMO land. I hope to see you in game! Welcome to SoH!
  5. MorpheusZero


    We are getting more and Titans! Welcome to the fold man! People will probably throw shade at me--but even though I've played them all.....FF12 is bae. If you could bake the BEST cookie--to give to a Cabal invasion force--and upon it being good enough, they would halt their invasion.....what kind of cookie would it be?
  6. MorpheusZero


    YAY ME! Congrats Auto and Jedi!
  7. MorpheusZero

    It me (Introduction)

    Hey man welcome! Hope to get some games in with you soon. I was just recently married myself--about 2 months ago. If you could ride a purple zebra anywhere in the world--where would you take it to?
  8. MorpheusZero

    Hi SoH

    Hey Rock! Welcome to SoH! I've got a 65 pound Labradoodle. He's fairly large--and a big baby! So now for some Software Engineering questions--- <<< I'm a Software Engineer too 1. Maven or Gradle? 2. Spring Boot or NodeJS? 3. Angular or React? --or Vue if you're one of those hippies 4. Favorite language to write in?
  9. MorpheusZero

    ESO Intro

    Hey and welcome! Come hang out with us on ESO tonight at 8:00pm EST for some random dungeons and world boss roaming! Hope to get some games in with you soon!
  10. MorpheusZero

    Hey, friends!

    Hello and welcome! What are you going to school for?
  11. MorpheusZero

    ESO guild into

    Hey welcome Agony! If you had the ability to travel through time only once--what time period would you go to--where--and why?
  12. MorpheusZero

    Greetings from the west!

    Hey Thakkar and welcome! What's your favorite movie--that is older than 5 years?
  13. MorpheusZero

    Hail and well met!

    Hey and welcome! I'll be seeing you around on ESO as well!
  14. MorpheusZero

    Code of Conduct

    I have read, understood--and agree with the code of conduct!
  15. MorpheusZero

    @MorpheusZero - Hey Guys/Gals

    I have never played The Long Dark unfortunately. Is it something I should look into? I played the Division Beta on PS4--but never got into past that. Though hearing about the announcement of The Division 2--I am interested in possibly getting into it at that point. Being a fan of War Thunder--I am working on the British line of planes right now--my favorite series being the Spitfire! https://wiki.warthunder.com/index.php?title=SpitfireMkIIb It's a beast! @Mikagi Thanks for the games man! Yes! Software Development is my life! First language I learned--was Java--when I was writing mods for Minecraft. I don't currently know how to write in C++, though I would like to learn it for toying around in the Unreal Engine. I'd also like to learn some stuff with Python--just seems like a fun language to get into, or possibly some of the other JVM stuff like Scala, etc.