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Howdy Folks - Intro to Join

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Hi there,


Old player but new recruit looking to join a clan in Destiny 2 - and open for other games as well.  3rd year freshman at UCLA, studying to be a veterinarian because I love children.  If you know where that comes from - you're special!  Level 50/507 Warlock in D2.  Got me a fancy key to the dreaming city and got my but kicked.  I'm not very special there just yet.  Haven't played much in Gambit, Strikes, etc..  but ready to give it a try.


Hope everyone is preparing for a good Thanksgiving.



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Welcome Kerstov! Hope you find our community to be enjoyable.


I am curious where/how you found out about us. Also, that reference is definitely obscure, at least for me, had to use a bit of my google-fu to find. (Wondering if any of our older members recognize it.)


Anyways, you've left yourself open for some questions so here's a few.

What do you actually do for living? (If you are willing to share)

Any non-gaming hobbies?

Cat or Dogs? Do you have any of your own? (Pet pictures are always welcome.)

Pop, Soda, or Cola?


Also, it might be a couple days, but I'll take care of getting you set up in the clan after I'm back from visiting family for the holidays.

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Currently I work for Turner Broadcasting (CNN, TBS, etc) and I'm in the IT side of HR.  Depending on the outcome of the whole AT&T deal - I might be still here - or enjoying along severance period.  I've been at Turner for over 15 years.  Non-gaming hobbies would be Tennis, getting everything in the house to turn on and off with "ok google", and a bit of Drone flying.   I have a 5 year old dog and a 1 year old.  we got the new dog to be a play buddy for the older dog and he just mostly barks and sits on her - but its more exercise than he was getting before.


I'm in Atlanta - so I'm going with Coke!


Oh as far as finding you - I searched LGBT friendly clans in one of the reddits and SOH came up.  It was a post from about 10 months ago I believe.


Have a great holiday! 

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Do you have any favorite smells?


If you were the captain of an intergalactic space ship, why would your crew mutiny?

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