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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the guild and wanted to give a brief introduction.

I previously played WoW and have returned to try WoW Classic, was invited to join the guild by IRL friend Mytra. Previously I played through Wrath, Cata and a little of panda as a humand DK main named TweekR. During that time I enjoyed endgame PvE content such as progression raiding and dungeons. In WoW Classic I am currently leveling a Troll Priest named Heiligg as I never played heals and figured this was as good a time as any to give it a shot.

Not sure what else to say about myself, but more than happy to answer pretty much any question you guys may have.

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Hiya, TweekR! I'm Craterhoof in-game. I've played WoW with Sean for a number of years and have a very high opinion of him, if he likes you then you must at least be an ok dude. 

Did you choose the name Heiligg because of the German word for holy? In modern WoW I have a low level dwarf paladin named Heiligbart (holy beard) and an orc warrior named Kriegmann (war man). I like to hide my lack of creativity behind cool-sounding German words sometimes. 

What are your hobbies or interests outside of WoW?

Cilantro: mandatory ingredient in Mexican and Thai cuisine or dish-soap-tasting food-ruiner?

If you were in a fist-fight against two people and you got a pick one person or fictional character from today or any point in history to help you in the fight who would it be and why?

What is the one thing you hope to gain by being a part of SoH?

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Merriwhizzle - my name largely comes from some asshole wonderful friends back in the day. I am a Southpark fan, blonde, was much more heavily addicted to energy drinks and caffeine, and constantly stressed over exams and stuff in high school and college. So naturally it took them almost no time to draw the similarity between me and the show character Tweek. When I made my first toon in WoW I was told Tweek was already taken, so as I worked through slight variations and such TweekR was the first available one I found. Ever since it's usually been my goto name in MMO's.

Mordgrim - Yes I choose my name based off the German word for Holy, seemed fitting for a Priest and I wasn't in a creative mood I guess. Outside of WoW my biggest hobby/activity is competitive shooting, namely USPSA and Multigun. In all honesty I'd say the better question is outside of competitive shooting what are my hobbies and interests. Based on deduction I'm gonna say cilantro is a mandatory ingredient, however I'm not the biggest fan of either Mexican or Thai cuisine. I'd pick Goku and Bruce Lee for allies in a fist fight.


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