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Moros Ker

Back for some [Eve]!

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Hi y'all,


I stumbled upon a post in the EveJobs subreddit this morning, and I can't believe the good fortune! I was previously in South of Heaven when the Eve corp was part of Blades of Grass in Branch. My time with you guys were one of my most fond memories of Eve even after I burned out. Fast forward a couple (or three) years later and I decided to pick up the game again with some other friends. I had actually checked to see if you guys were still active at the time but I didn't see any ZKB activity - sadness. So seeing the post on Reddit was a very happy surprise!


My account is still active here so I was reading about the current state of Eve with SOHCO and I'd like to help try and rebuild. I've been back in game for maybe a month now and trying to knock off the rust. My brother, a RL friend, and I have been running abyssals to make some money and trying out FW space with Amarr. We'd like to get some more experience with small/micro-gang fleets as well as some NPSI public fleets again.


I have three toons:


  • Moros Ker (~82mil SP) - Primarily a subcap combat pilot and the one going on most of the roams. Gunnery, missiles, and drone skills all T2 with specializations trained to IV, Logi V, all cruisers V. Working on getting frigates and destroyers to V on all races before moving on to finish BLOPS training and then to dread.
  • Darkprozac Saken (~80mil SP) - Started out as my primary industry toon but morphed in to a HS missioning carebear. Missiles skills and all Caldari subcap hulls to V. Perfect HS ore reprocessor and quite a few research skills. Perfect exhumer pilot. When he's not running around doing combat/missions in his Tengu or Golem he can be found pouring over his BPOs and figuring out which one to research next. Freighter and JF pilot level IV (JDC only IV, JFC V).
  • Vokan Muutaras (~80mil SP) - Was going to start out as a booster with all fleet support skills to V except for wing command, fleet command, and some spatial thingy, but then he took a sharp left and focused on industry with Darkprozac. Perfect exhumer pilot, perfect Orca pilot, needs to inject JF to get that underway as he has JDC V and JFC V. Before I took a break last time he had changed up to be a carrier pilot. He's got Minny carrier V, all shield skills (including capital) V, light fighters IV, support fighters IV, and heavy fighters V. Still need to top off light/support fighters and hangar management. Started training Amarr carrier as well at some point. He ONLY has drone skills, no missiles or gunnery. He's currently training up the logistics skills to use triage on a FAX.


Outside of the game I'm a software engineer by trade and have worked in either security or retail for all of my professional career, and recently took a promotion in to a manager position overseeing developers both stateside and overseas. My other hobbies outside of gaming include reading sci-fi/horror novels and playing poker at the local casino or in Vegas when I get a chance. My wife and I have three cats that like to terrorize me by biting my feet at night and waking me up, which also means I love coffee. Please send help.



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Hey welcome back Moros! Your good fortune is our good fortune - we'd be glad to have you on board again, and you're brother and friend are welcome to give us a shot too. Drop us an in-game corp app and Tbert or I will accept it the next time we're on. I'm going to send you a PM here soon with our Discord info. We switched from Mumble to Discord a couple years ago, and we use the chat channels in Discord a lot more than we use the forums. We still post stuff here, but not as much as we used to. For your brother and friend - they can post an intro here and also send an in-game app if they're interested. We'll still do a quick voice chat with them when they're available. It'll be a five minute spiel on who we are and some of the posts they should read on the forums.

A little SOHCO in Eve catch up: We left Blades towards then end of 2017 and suffered a collective burnout/real life intervention a few months later. We're now living in Placid at http://evemaps.dotlan.net/station/Algasienan_VI_-_Moon_4_-_Genolution_Biotech_Production. It's on a High Sec Island surrounded by low (mostly Caldari/Gallente FW space). We're just a few jumps from Syndicate, Pure Blind and Cloud Ring, so between those areas and the active FW PvP systems right next store, we've got plenty of PvP opportunities. Logistics are pretty simple too. I'm currently staging ships in Orvolle, which is 13 high sec jumps from Jita and three from our home station. I'm just plucking them out as I need them and then stashing them in "Algae" if they survive whatever I was up to. Stacmon is also an option, it's about the same distance from Jita and our island. The island is a surprisingly fun place to hang out and do stuff. I don't have a lot of mental bandwidth when I play during the week, so it's nice to have the option to choose the level of risk I want to take haha. Our goal right now is to set up at least one weekly corp fleet (usually Saturday night) - small and microgang stuff. We've had two so far and looking at another this weekend.


1 hour ago, Moros Ker said:

gaming include reading sci-fi/horror novels

You're speaking my language here for sure! I've been reading a lot of classic horror and sci-fi over the last year or so. I did Turn of the Screw, The Haunting of Hill House, and The King in Yellow over the last few months. All three were amazing - I'm pretty sure I sat down and finished Hill House and Screw in one sitting - that's pretty rare for me, but I couldn't put them down. I'm doing a collection now - The Dark Eidolon and Other Fantasies by Clark Ashton Smith. Has a few strong short stories so far :thumbup:

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Considering you're already a past member, do we get to still to grill you with questions that wouldn't be out of place in an Big Tech internship interview?

Like: Which flavor of jellybean would each planet of the solar system favor, and why?

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On 9/3/2019 at 10:31 PM, Moros Ker said:

Licer..licor...lick-er-ish....THE DAMN BLACK ONES.


All planets would love them! Bring all the questions I got this. :)


I have mixed feelings about your answer. On one hand, extra points for just owning it instead of googling. On the other. Liquorice? I hate the stuff.

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