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    Grieve Promoted to Leadership Council

    /thread with that vid, Merri haha. I'm stealing it for future use. Congratulations Grieve!
  2. Practical

    New Destiny Player

    Tyrlis is your best bet, but I my dad served 20 yrs in the USMC and I grew up around it. I have his perspective 2nd hand, and my own perspective growing up in that culture and making what was a very difficult decision not to serve myself. (My dad and I'm sure Tyrlis would agree that was the right choice for me). On to my contribution to random question time! 12. If you had any super power, what would it be and why? 13. Too bad, you can't have that one. You instead now have the ability to read minds!!!! But only the minds of crustaceans. What do you do with this new found power? 14. Do you know why I started at 12?
  3. Practical

    Life's Intro

    Lemon-aid I can't fault you for not liking lemonaid, it is often a tad too tart but I can't not have lemon in my water or tea flavored water. Always go with your gut, especially when it comes to food. Chalupas, like most food, are just modified tacos. In this case, deep fried. Good choice! Most folks around these parts call me Practical. Probably because my real name is super common: Michael. I am from all over - my family moved 7 times while I was growing up, but right now I'm in Baltimore. Any core Zellda or Pokemon game will always rank high on my favorites, but if I had to pick an all time favorite... Baldur's Gate 2. We're very active in Discord - you can jump in there and hollar if you want to group up for something - pvp, strikes, or even to just play through the storyline quests.
  4. Practical

    Life's Intro

    Way to go Grieve, take all the usual first date questions. What does that leave me? Only the awkward ones, thats what. Hello Life, nice to meet you. Here are my questions three: 1. When lemons give you life, is that called lemon-aid? 2. I know Grieve already asked what your favorite food, obviously tacos right? So which particular type? I know its hard. You can take a few moments with this one. 3. What do you mean there is supposed to be a 3rd question?
  5. Practical

    Greetings, Guardians

    Hello potential new friend! That is a solid intro post! I play with the Destiny 2 and ESO crew. We also as a community will play a random game every now and again, like two weeks ago it was Overwatch and this Friday we're playing HotS. If you're free, you should come out and join us for that too. So as per tradition, here are your questions three: 1. Do you love tacos? I know, it is crazy question: of course you do! So instead, which is your favorite variety? 2. Congratulations on your promotion, Captain Velius! You're given command of your very own deep space capable space craft. What is your mission? What is the name of your ship? And who do you bring with you on the away missions? 3. Oh no! Your crew mutinied! Why and where did they leave you?
  6. Practical

    Hail and well met!

    I'd call that more like Switzerland: Small and neutral. Do you run marathons without superpowers? Not a bad answer. But time for the bonus round: corn or flour? Hard or soft?
  7. Practical

    Hail and well met!

    Welcome! As per the bylaws I only just now made up, here are your questions three: 1. Which taco is your favorite? 2. Oh no! You have been bitten by a radioactive critter and now have super powers. What bit you, what powers did it give you, and will you use them for good or evil? 3. Vroom Vroom! You're a talking car. What make/model are you, and what accent do you have?
  8. Practical

    Greetings from the west!

    As promised by Fera, I am here to provide you with at least one odd question. Don't worry! While there is in fact at least one wrong answer, there are infinitely many correct ones. Oh and, they will all totally not entirely affect my impression of you. Okay! Are you confused? I am... lets just get to the questions! You may choose one, or do both for bonus points! 1. Why do you love tacos and which particular one is your favorite? You may take your time, I know its difficult to pick only one. 2. Zap! You've been turned into an animal by a witch! What animal are you, and what curious task must you complete to turn back into yourself?
  9. Practical

    Hi SoH! Prospective ESO guild member here!

    Yay!!! As per traditional hazing requirements, here are your questions three: 1. Which particular variety of the Taco is your favorite? While I understand it is difficult, I need to ask you to try and only choose one. 2. If you had a super power, who is your nemesis and what did you do to cause such hatred towards you? 3. Poof! Congratulations! You are now king of Titan, moon of Saturn, and the Titanese that live there. What is your first royal edict?
  10. Practical


    Hi there potential new friend, welcome to the forums! Typically the intro post is used as a way for you to give us an idea about yourself. And then we pose often nonsensical, but sometimes serious, questions for you to answer as a way to both haze, and get to know you. Don't worry, it is (mostly) all done in good fun. But we need to know some more about you, like: what other games do you play, how do you earn your RL gold, what got you into ESO, which moon of Jupiter would you like to rule. Typical stuff.
  11. Practical


    Hello Random Panda! So, serious question time. 1. Why do you love tacos (as if you need a reason) and which particular variety is your favorite? (I know its hard to choose, but do try!) 2. What song do you sing while in the shower? 3. Suddenly! A bat witch appears and casts a hex on you. What is the curse, and what is the zany quest you must complete to break it?
  12. Practical

    intro thingy!

    If you where a superhero, what would be your one weakness? Or, if you were a supervillan, what would be your odd quirk?
  13. Practical


    Suddenly you are turned into a Godzilla monster: which one are you, and in what city do you decide to fight Godzilla? What is your favorite weapon and/or super in D2? Careful with this one, there is a right answer...
  14. Practical

    New Member: Intro

    But but spider man? I also have a very crucial question: What is your favorite food and why is it tacos? I mean, how great are tacos, right?
  15. Practical

    Elder scrolls online guild

    Hi! Yes - though it would seem we do not have a forum for it yet. I see you found our discord, too, which is good because I believe for the ESO chapter/cohort for now we're trying out not having a chapter forum - just discord. I think Simone may want to connect with you first prior, but traditionally new folks post an introduction thread here telling us a bit about them. You can check out mine or others here in this forum to get an idea of what those look like if you want. If you have any questions, feel free to speak up in the discord lobby (it should be public access) and I believe you'll get a fast response.
  16. Practical

    South of Heaven: Reimagined

    Will there continue to be a place on the forum for that discussion, or will this be handled impersonally where the recruit's sponsor becomes the Point of Contact for kudos as well as concerns? Overall, I think the delegation & streamlining will definitely assist in growing around new games and that is important!
  17. Practical

    South of Heaven: Reimagined

    I didn't know Grieve was organizing meetups and I'm in the NOVA area... I must need to work on my Forum-Fu. I really like this direction, I think it strikes a good balance between flexibility for new games while maintaining the high quality of the community. I want to keep my online gaming within SoH and I think this direction will definitely help with that. I do have a thought on the recruitment process: Two votes of confidence represent two veteran members who have had positive experiences with a recruit. What if a 3rd has a negative experience?
  18. Practical

    Cohort Proposal - ESO

    A reminder for those who may also have a humble monthly sub, the 11/2017 bundle included an ESO key. I personally already owned it, so my humble key is up for grabs if someone is interested.
  19. Practical

    [EVE] Senious

    You've just been hired as lead game designer by CCP. Congrats! What game breaking bug game changing feature do you introduce, and what amalgamation of your username and said feature does Reddit call it while simultaneously roasting it and not playing eve?
  20. Practical

    [EVE] Ottoelite reporting in

    C'mon you know what I meant! But I can't fault your logic, the best food is that prepared by someone else.
  21. Practical

    [EVE] Ottoelite reporting in

    Hi there! So, a very important question for you... Do you like Grilled Cheese, and if so, what is your preferred way of preparing it?
  22. Practical

    Code of Conduct

    Read & Agreed
  23. Practical

    [EVE] Intimus Inferi + Montiold

    Hi! Got here by way of Tyrilis / Tbert, whom I had a chat with after finding ya'lls pub channel via Reddit. EVE History A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away a new eve capsuleer was born from the goo. He got the bright idea to chew rocks to pay for pew pew. This was back when before you could fly a barge you'd fly a Exequror. :*) Newbros these days have it easy with those shiney ventures. Got into a retriever and learned the slow grind of Hisec solo mining. Joined an industry corporation and it got a bit more fun. All the while grinding rep for missions, hearing about the big payouts from L4s. Then, I hear about Null. Big bucks from mining and pvp for everyone, even me! So I rush out there, am handed a procurer and told to mine. No pew pew. I retired from eve for awhile. Then I return, and decide I'm going to just focus on exploration and missions. I do okay, get a little PVP by way of a friendly WH corp that was in our alliance and I really enjoyed it. But RL happens and I took another break. I hear from one of the promotional (read: spam) mails from CCP that FW is here. I wait about a year and see it actually looks pretty sweet so I squeezed Intimus Inferi out of the goo to train only combat and go full FW. Lots of rifters were lost, most of which were mine. All the while I dabbled in low sec mining / rat baiting with Montiold. A few T2 frigates were made into space dust by way of my hurricane and pirate tears were had. Then they came and busted my POS and then my tears were had. That's eve for you, and I decided it was time to take another break. A few more years past, and one summer I hear about the Pheobe Freeport republic and I resub Intimus to go see if Null can be more then just chewing rocks. Many fleets were had, I learned the wonders of null ratting in a VNI (An hour = 3 fleet doctrines = many hours of fun). But, alas, at the end of the summer I had to move in RL and focus back at work again so I took a break because work was picking up again. Well, while I don't fight for Aiur, I have returned. Again :). In the past month or so since resubing, I have done some L4s and remembered why they suck. Got back into FW and brushed the cobwebs off, many tristans were made into space dust and most were mine. But Null is where the fun is at, so I am here asking for you all to take pity on a lone waif and take me in? Personal History REDACTED Okay, in all seriousness, I am 25 and a project manager / senior developer at a small company. I did a little college but after a semester found I could get freelance work as a programmer pretty easily. I went that route and did some MVPs along the way. Nothing gained much traction and after a particularly heart breaking failure I started looking for a "real job". Handed my resume out to clients and then started negotiating, settling and starting this job last summer. When not playing EVE or watching Futurama for the 3000th time, I tend to like to try and get out and explore my city. I'm a big foodie, tacos are life and pretty much agreeing is a prerequisite to being my friend. I also love craft beer and there are several micro breweries here in the city that I am still tasting their varieties. Oh and I'm dabbling with making liquor infusions, about to start a peach tequila this weekend. I grew up on games, I learned to program by making flash games, and I still really want to make the next big indi game but I usually keep getting distracted by the actual next big indi game. Zelda is my all time favorite and leading reason to buy Nitendo products. Yup, I'm getting the switch. Going to get Zelda, any mario game, and any fire emblem game. TL;DR: I chewed rocks, pew'd NPCS, pew'd RL players in FW, pew'd RL players in Null, and back for more. Recovering Workaholic in my personal life who has a taco fetish. So, tell me something about you all!
  24. Practical

    [EVE] Intimus Inferi + Montiold

    I'll be around off/on all afternoon, I'm sure we'll catch each other on at some point. If you rather lock something in more specific, let me know but I'm pretty flexible.
  25. Practical

    [EVE] Intimus Inferi + Montiold

    Nope, despite the hype I resolved to station up and end on a high note. We'll see if I can't start a streak tonight though! If you can share any good starting resources, I really do want to look more into it. My biggest concern is space needs as I live in a city.