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  1. Hey Codex - welcome to the guild! I'm going to send you our Discord and Mumble information here in a bit. Discord is the best way to grab an invite to the LOTRO kinship - just drop a message there and someone will hop on and invite you. Our LOTRO group is pretty small right now and super casual too. The best chance to catch us to is to join us for a group night event. This week's events are on Wednesday and Thursday night from 830-1000 est. Look forward to meeting you soon!
  2. Simone


    Hey nice to meet you Jon! Glad to have you aboard . I'm going to send you a PM with our Discord and Mumble info now. We'll be online tonight for some group instances, so feel free to drop us a line for kinship invite or even join us for some dungeons. Look forward to talking to you soon!
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    Hi there

    Hi Cluboris - nice to meet you! We'd be happy to send you an invite, we'll set that up soon! It sounds like you'll fit right in with us - the WoW into job/married/kids transition is very common around these parts . You're catching us a great time. We're all hitting level 20 and getting ready to start doing group instances. Saturday is slightly tentative this week - I have to go to a family party that I'm pretty sure duck out of in time for LOTRO game night, but I'm not certain yet. Looking at Thursday, Friday, and Sunday as possible other days. I'll have an updated schedule of the LOTRO subforums tomorrow morning. Speaking of LOTRO boards, we'll get an admin to upgrade your forum access so you can see the rest of the boards. I'll also send you a PM with our Discord and Mumble info (tomorrow morning). Looking forward to gaming with you soon!
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    Hey Rojdan - nice to meet you! Sounds like you've come to the right place . LOTRO definitely has some great group experiences that are worth checking out. Most of us have the same kind of time commitment issues, whether it's from work, kids, or other games that we play, so you won't find any pressure here to be online all the time. Our main group night is Saturdays at 900pm EST, and we try to put out a schedule a week or so in advance. One of the admins will upgrade your forum access this morning, and you'll be able to see the Nomads/LOTRO forum and the schedule for this week. We came up with the Nomads idea back in August, and we started with Wildstar at the end of August. Wildstar ended up being a short lived experience. NCSOFT announced the end of the game a couple weeks after we got there. That really killed our enthusiasm for the game, so we called a new vote and moved to LOTRO. You'll be able to see how we pick a new game when you can get into the Nomads forum. Basically, we put out a call for game suggestions, and then put up a poll with those games and let everyone vote. Anyone in the guild can suggest a game and vote, even people who aren't actively playing. Our goal is to stay in a game for at least three months, but we're also open to leaving if everyone wants to move on (that's what happened with W*). I'll send you a PM later today with the access info for our Discord and Mumble servers. You can drop a message in Discord anytime you're online for and ready for an invite to the kinship - there should be someone with invite powers around even if I'm not online. Look forward to gaming with you soon!
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    Hey Buford - good talking to you earlier! Definitely glad to hear that the Nomads group sounds interesting to you. We got off to kind of a weird start with Wildstar and the shutdown, hoping to get at least two or three good months out of LOTRO . I'm going to send you a PM with our Discord/Mumble info here in just a bit. I should be on later this evening again to send you an invite to the kinship. I'll also get someone to bump up your forum access so you can see the rest of the site. We just started in LOTRO last night, and we have group events on the schedule for Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday this week. Some get to know you questions! - Are you east coast, west coast, somewhere in between? - What's your least favorite mmo ever - like one you really can't stand? - Any fun non-gaming hobbies? Talk to you soon!
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    Congrats to @Keg and @Loda on promotion to member - glad to have you guys aboard!
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    Hello and Intro

    Hey Loda, nice to meet you! I bet Shrap and you will find we're a fun group to game with here. Watch out for that @Fera person though, she's trouble! So we call our main gaming groups are called "cohorts," they're our little colonies that we set up in games. Our only active cohort right now plays Destiny 2. We also have a new cohort, the Nomads, that going to be a more transient group that votes on which games they play and for how long. You can find more information about that group here: https://www.sohguild.com/index.php?/topic/19988-cohort-nomads/. These groups are open to anyone in SoH, so feel free to check them out if you're interested. We also play all kinds of games informally. I think Shrap has already found some people interested in playing Sea of Thieves with you guys. I'd probably check it out myself if I wasn't preoccupied with setting up the Nomads group! Anyway, glad to have you here and look forward to gaming with you soon!
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    Hi Keg - nice to meet you! Welcome to SoH, you're joining up with us at just the right time. Some of us will be starting a new game soon, and we don't really know what it'll be yet! That's the new cohort Fera was mentioning earlier. You're welcome to join us where ever we end up! So questions...I usually keep mine pretty straightforward/non-crazy: What's your fondest memory from one of the games you mentioned above? 3k hours in GW2 had to have led to some pretty fun times right? Favorite beer or beer style? Are you East Coast, West Coast, or somewhere in between?
  9. Hey nice to meet you Singularity! The ESO group is super casual and typically does a dungeon or two every Tuesday and Saturday night around 830pm EST. Feel free to drop and game with us for a bit!
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    Congrats to @Syy101, @Qi'o, and @Gusenica on promotion to member!
  11. Very nice to meet you Syy - look forward to gaming with you! I'm also a big fan of the Elder Scrolls games - every time I walk through one of the Cyrodiil towns, I get a strong urge to fire up Oblivion! I think there's an SoH group that plays GTA and they were looking for more people a few days ago - never played it myself so I'm not sure how that works!
  12. Hi Adam - nice to meet you! We'd be happy to send you an invite, I'll try to send one over before I leave for work this morning. I normally write novel length responses (at least it feels that way haha) to intro posts, but I'm short on time before I have to leave this morning. So I'll just say I look forward to gaming with you soon, and I'll try to circle back here later today to write more!
  13. Ok that's my bad then - I sent it to the character madestro instead of the account @madestro - I'm asking someone to send you an invite now!
  14. Hmmm I'm not sure what's up with the invite. i sent one to the character name 'madestro' earlier this week. The guild history says it went to a person with the account name @carlron. Is madestro your account name or character name?
  15. Hi Xedex! I'll be online again tomorrow morning and will send you an invite then. In the meantime, why don't you tell us a bit more about yourself? What other platform did you play ESO on, and how far along did you get? What's your favorite part of ESO, and what made you want to switch platforms? Good stuff for us to know so that we don't assume you have less game knowledge than you really have! (We've had a lot of brand new players come through haha). Do you (or did you) play an other MMOs? If so, any favorites? Do you have anything interesting about IRL you'd be comfortable sharing? Cool hobbies or jobs? We have Discord for text chatting and Mumble for voice, the info for both is in our in-game MOTD. Look forward to meeting you soon!
  16. Hi Jason - nice to meet you! No, living in Costa is no problem at all! We're actually getting quite an international group in ESO now, with three Canadians, an Australia, and now a Costa Rican. Very cool! Very nice intro post too I used to play a lot of SC2 but got out of it when I got old and my wrists gave out haha. Still watch the tournaments though! We'll send you an in-game invite today. We use Discord for out of game text chat and Mumble for voice chat when we do dungeons and stuff. The info for both is in our in-game MOTD. We'll also update your forum permissions here so you can access the rest of the website soon (an admin has to do it!). Look forward to gaming with you soon!
  17. Simone


    Welcome to the guild Jim - nice to meet you! Feel free to ask us questions anytime - most of us started playing ESO about three months ago, so we all remember the questions we had at the beginning! ESO has a lot of stuff going on and tons of stuff to learn, and it doesn't always make it easy . I used to play Lord of the Rings Online with someone from Australia - it was cool how well our schedules lined up haha! I'm an early riser, so you should see me online around 9pm your time on the weekend. We may have to start a weekend "breakfast club" for some early morning group quests. I've upgraded your Discord access so you'll be able to chat in our ESO channels. You'll want to download Mumble too at some point so you can chat with us during groups (or just hang out!). We'll upgrade your forum access as soon as I can track down an admin. I recommend reading through all our posts there, you'll find some pretty good stuff for a new player. Look forward to gaming with you soon!
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    Well Met

    Hi Sardok, nice to meet you! We'd be glad to have you aboard, can you drop us your account name so we can send you an invite? We have a guild-wide Discord server and Mumble server we use for voice chat, you'll see the info for them in our guild MOTD in-game. One of our forum admins will be around to update you permissions soon too, that will give you access to the ESO area of the forum. One of our weekly group nights is tomorrow night at 8pm EST, you're welcome to come if you're interested! Some questions! What's your favorite character of the five lvl 50s you have? Favorite ESO activity? Is retirement all it's cracked up to be?? (I'm betting the answer is a resounding yes!)
  19. Simone


    Hi Breeze! Good to see you here, we'll send you an invite to the guild tonight! When you join, you'll see references to Mumble and Discord in the guild's message of the day. I'm betting you've never used these before since you're new to MMOs (but I could be wrong!). Mumble is a VOIP program we use to chat with each other while we're doing dungeons and quests together. It's generally pretty easy to download and install. It'll ask you to enter our server's IP address and port - that's all in the MOTD (and also this thread that you may or may not be able to see yet: https://www.sohguild.com/index.php?/topic/19841-hi/&tab=comments#comment-278218). It's not an absolute requirement that you use voice chat, but it will make playing with us (and MMOs generally) much more enjoyable for you! Related tip - we all use a "push to talk" hotkey for our microphones, which saves our delicate eardrums from errant sneezes and other unexpected loud noises! Discord is a text messaging app that we use to chat and plan for groups out of game. It's a great place to get a quick answer for "how do I do X?" type questions, especially if there aren't a lot of people currently online in ESO. It's also very easy to download, and once you have it installed, you just click a link to get an invite to our server. The link is in the guild's MOTD. I think you'll learn a ton fast, and I bet a few of us can make you a decent bow right away😁. If I remember right, you're around level 20? I can make you one next time I'm going to be online for a bit no problem! I don't think you have the forum permissions to see it yet (an admin will fix that soon), but we have a thread started in our ESO area where we list out all the things that we wished we knew when we started playing: https://www.sohguild.com/index.php?/topic/19805-things-i-wish-i-knew-when-i-started-playing-eso/. I bet a lot of those will be super helpful for you! On map completion: what we mean by that is a group where we seek out areas of the different game maps that have content we can't complete on our own. Usually, that's public dungeons and world bosses - we're trying to finish all those areas for people who want to complete everything there is to do on a given map. (side note: I think map completion is a Guild Wars term that ended up in common mmo lingo, but not 100% on that!) I also have a few general MMO tips I can give you now too: MMOs, especially group activities in MMOs, are generally designed around players taking on one of three roles - damage dealer, healer, or tank. The tank is probably the strangest to new mmoers. Their job is get the attention of all the monsters away from the other group members. You'll want to specialize your characters into one of these roles (damage dealer is probably the easiest to start with). Our perspective on the game is totally warped by years of playing MMOs. We have our own MMO lingo (see: map completion) and know certain game concepts by reflex more or less. If we say something strange or you don't understand why we are doing something, feel free to ask us what we're doing/talking about! We'll be super happy to explain what's up, but we may not realize that it was something we need to explain haha! Full disclosure on finding a guild - it's totally fine to shop around! While I truly hope that we end up being the perfect guild for you, I know from ten years of MMO gaming that the first time is not always the charm when it comes to guild hunting. That's OK! Come do some group nights with us, and you'll get a sense quick whether we're a good group for you.
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    Woooooo it's Exile! I don't play Destiny but I'm sure Ill see you in other games🤣🤣
  21. Sent you an in-game invite this morning! Yep! His name is @mikagi - I bet he'll stop in and say hi at some point. I haven't done a DPS character yet myself, but I was doing a lot of research on builds yesterday, and it looks like dual wielding is the standard for all stamina builds. So you're on the right track there at least! I like to read https://alcasthq.com/ for build ideas, but I don't necessarily follow every detail. Check it out, you might find what you're missing!
  22. Hey Tomy, nice to meet you! We'd be glad to have you join up with us, let us know your account name so we can send you an invite! I know I had a hard time picking a class when I first started ESO. It took me awhile to find one that clicked with me. Eventually I settled on Nightblade for my first main character, very fun! I just started working on my third character today (a warden) - it's definitely a game where you end up playing a bunch of characters. Which one did you get to 20 and what else are you thinking about playing? Ask away! Pretty soon you'll be able to get on our Discord (the link is in our in-game MOTD for the guild, watch for it when you get an invite), and there are always people there who can answer questions. We also made a thread here on the forums with a ton of things that are good to know when you first start the game - https://www.sohguild.com/index.php?/topic/19805-things-i-wish-i-knew-when-i-started-playing-eso/. You won't be able to get to that link until someone upgrades you're forum permissions - that'll happen soon. Very cool, you'll be our second French Canadian on the roster! One of the things I love about playing MMOs is that it lets you meet people from all over the world who you would otherwise meet. Ooooooo a rabbit, what type of rabbit is he (big, small, floppy/not floppy ears)? Looking forward to playing with you soon!
  23. Hi Thrakkar, welcome to SoH! I looooove your dogs! Is that a pit mixed with a german short hair? Looks like two great hounds for sure I'm pretty sure that SoH started it's life as a DAOC guild - that was way before my time here though. ESO has definitely improved since I first played it in 2016. The One Tamriel update really opened the game and made it much easier to jump into. We're doing a lot of normal dungeons right now, so there are plenty of chances to jump into some groups. We're also having pur first group PvP event tonight. Should be fun! What classes are you playing in ESO? Completely unrelated, what's are the best and worst things about living in Montana? Look forward to meeting you in game soon!
  24. Nice to meet you Brouzouf! Is brouzouf.major your account name or character name? I've always sent invites to account names, but I'm not 100% sure it matters. Either way, one of us will send you an invite sometime today! We have our Mumble and Discord information in our in-game MOTD, so you'll want to check those things out when you accept the invite. We Discord to pre-schedule groups and chat across all of the games we play. We have a PvP group that starts at 900pm EST tonight and a group PvE night that starts at 800pm EST tomorrow. These events usually run for a few hours, so it's totally fine to join in whenever you're available. Cooooool can we see a picture?? Yes! There's actually an SoH HotS night coming up next Friday at 900pmEST. That'll be a good way to hook up with the SoH people who play it.
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