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  1. Hi

    Hi there potential new friend, welcome to the forums! Typically the intro post is used as a way for you to give us an idea about yourself. And then we pose often nonsensical, but sometimes serious, questions for you to answer as a way to both haze, and get to know you. Don't worry, it is (mostly) all done in good fun. But we need to know some more about you, like: what other games do you play, how do you earn your RL gold, what got you into ESO, which moon of Jupiter would you like to rule. Typical stuff.
  2. Hello!

    Hello Random Panda! So, serious question time. 1. Why do you love tacos (as if you need a reason) and which particular variety is your favorite? (I know its hard to choose, but do try!) 2. What song do you sing while in the shower? 3. Suddenly! A bat witch appears and casts a hex on you. What is the curse, and what is the zany quest you must complete to break it?
  3. intro thingy!

    If you where a superhero, what would be your one weakness? Or, if you were a supervillan, what would be your odd quirk?
  4. Intro

    Suddenly you are turned into a Godzilla monster: which one are you, and in what city do you decide to fight Godzilla? What is your favorite weapon and/or super in D2? Careful with this one, there is a right answer...
  5. New Member: Intro

    But but spider man? I also have a very crucial question: What is your favorite food and why is it tacos? I mean, how great are tacos, right?
  6. Elder scrolls online guild

    Hi! Yes - though it would seem we do not have a forum for it yet. I see you found our discord, too, which is good because I believe for the ESO chapter/cohort for now we're trying out not having a chapter forum - just discord. I think Simone may want to connect with you first prior, but traditionally new folks post an introduction thread here telling us a bit about them. You can check out mine or others here in this forum to get an idea of what those look like if you want. If you have any questions, feel free to speak up in the discord lobby (it should be public access) and I believe you'll get a fast response.
  7. South of Heaven: Reimagined

    Will there continue to be a place on the forum for that discussion, or will this be handled impersonally where the recruit's sponsor becomes the Point of Contact for kudos as well as concerns? Overall, I think the delegation & streamlining will definitely assist in growing around new games and that is important!
  8. South of Heaven: Reimagined

    I didn't know Grieve was organizing meetups and I'm in the NOVA area... I must need to work on my Forum-Fu. I really like this direction, I think it strikes a good balance between flexibility for new games while maintaining the high quality of the community. I want to keep my online gaming within SoH and I think this direction will definitely help with that. I do have a thought on the recruitment process: Two votes of confidence represent two veteran members who have had positive experiences with a recruit. What if a 3rd has a negative experience?
  9. Cohort Proposal - ESO

    A reminder for those who may also have a humble monthly sub, the 11/2017 bundle included an ESO key. I personally already owned it, so my humble key is up for grabs if someone is interested.
  10. [EVE] Senious

    You've just been hired as lead game designer by CCP. Congrats! What game breaking bug game changing feature do you introduce, and what amalgamation of your username and said feature does Reddit call it while simultaneously roasting it and not playing eve?
  11. [EVE] Ottoelite reporting in

    C'mon you know what I meant! But I can't fault your logic, the best food is that prepared by someone else.
  12. [EVE] Ottoelite reporting in

    Hi there! So, a very important question for you... Do you like Grilled Cheese, and if so, what is your preferred way of preparing it?
  13. Code of Conduct

    Read & Agreed
  14. [EVE] Intimus Inferi + Montiold

    I'll be around off/on all afternoon, I'm sure we'll catch each other on at some point. If you rather lock something in more specific, let me know but I'm pretty flexible.
  15. [EVE] Intimus Inferi + Montiold

    Nope, despite the hype I resolved to station up and end on a high note. We'll see if I can't start a streak tonight though! If you can share any good starting resources, I really do want to look more into it. My biggest concern is space needs as I live in a city.