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  1. Hi Sparklefarts! Or do you prefer Tim? Welcome to the group! I also main a druid, though as resto for any group content. Anything about Shadowlands that has you particularly excited?
  2. > Also not opposed to mining and trading for the cause. If you do end up mining, hit me up in game and I'll buy your ores (Montiold / Intimus Inferi). But, best isk to be made starting out is flying a Heron and diving into wormhole space hunting for faction relic sites. At first, you won't be able to crack every can, but those that you do open will pay 1m-15m ea. I also have a sticked post in the Market subforum covering my buyback program - it can also be some what of a roadmap towards various ways you could be making money, whether you opt to sell to me or not. (Full disclosure, I s
  3. > Sleepers for blue loot That evening I had to step out for abit was the day I anchored up in my WH. Appreciate you coming out to help finish bashing the Athanor, btw! You're welcome, too, to come run sites if you ever want. There is also the corp's "farm-hole" which is a regular C3. I try to keep our statics posted in the MotD. > Abyssal sites soon I have a love hate relationship with Abyssals. They are super cool!!! But, my internet hates me and likes to randomly d/c, and if you're not orbiting you're very likely to go "out of bounds" and die before you can relog. Womp womp. The
  4. Hello Jamroar & welcome! Looking forward to more space shenanigans in the future! Some random questions! 1. I have a bag of Jelly Beans. I know this isn't a question, I just felt like sharing. 2. What is your favorite EVE ship so far? 3. Oh no! (or Oh yes?!) You've been bitten by a space spider! You now gain awesome super powers. What are they? And, what is the ironically fitting weakness that accompanies your new found power?
  5. Hello Rorian & welcome! Some random, getting to know you questions: 1. If you were re-incarnated as an EVE ship, what ship would you most likely be and why? 2. Why can't Pluto be a planet? 3. Congratulations, you just won the space lottery! No, no - you didn't win riches. Instead, you're now the duly appointed mid-level bureaucrat of your very own moon in the rim. Formerly a mining penal colony, you're now responsible for the dubious task of making this into a hit tourist attraction! How would you go about doing this?
  6. I hear you on the old bay. $0.05 of old bay is instant $5 mark-up. But, I can't really say much - I'll often pay it and happily. Oh, I've been living in Baltimore for the past 3 years - rats 'n all the good stuff too. Are you a native Marylander or a transplant, like me? What's your take on the flag? Looking forward to hearing some of your experiences on future fleets + your insights on how we can generate content in new and fun ways.
  7. Hello! It seems it has been left to me to introduce you to one of our little traditions: the random questions! Do not worry! These are very serious and totally will be used by the group to determine your status and worth. So don't sweat it! 1. I have a jar of pickles. I take out a pickle, put it in my pocket, and drop a quarter into the jar. 2. Congratulations! You are now the Prime Bureaucrat of a small rim world! You must now declare a "state bird" for your new planet, it does not need to be a bird, but it also can not be any animal already in existence - rather it can be entirely ne
  8. Hi Q-moca! Welcome to the forums. So we kind of have this little tradition where we send you a bunch of random questions. Don't worry - your answers totally do matter and will be used against you at your trial membership review! 1. What is the most unique, SFW, thing you've seen / experienced as an NFL stadium guard? 2. If you could have any super power, what would it be? And what would be an appropriately ironic weakness to match? 3. I have a sandwich. This isn't a question, just felt like sharing.
  9. I have mixed feelings about your answer. On one hand, extra points for just owning it instead of googling. On the other. Liquorice? I hate the stuff.
  10. Considering you're already a past member, do we get to still to grill you with questions that wouldn't be out of place in an Big Tech internship interview? Like: Which flavor of jellybean would each planet of the solar system favor, and why?
  11. /thread with that vid, Merri haha. I'm stealing it for future use. Congratulations Grieve!
  12. Tyrlis is your best bet, but I my dad served 20 yrs in the USMC and I grew up around it. I have his perspective 2nd hand, and my own perspective growing up in that culture and making what was a very difficult decision not to serve myself. (My dad and I'm sure Tyrlis would agree that was the right choice for me). On to my contribution to random question time! 12. If you had any super power, what would it be and why? 13. Too bad, you can't have that one. You instead now have the ability to read minds!!!! But only the minds of crustaceans. What do you do with this new found power? 14. D
  13. Lemon-aid I can't fault you for not liking lemonaid, it is often a tad too tart but I can't not have lemon in my water or tea flavored water. Always go with your gut, especially when it comes to food. Chalupas, like most food, are just modified tacos. In this case, deep fried. Good choice! Most folks around these parts call me Practical. Probably because my real name is super common: Michael. I am from all over - my family moved 7 times while I was growing up, but right now I'm in Baltimore. Any core Zellda or Pokemon game will always rank high on my favor
  14. Way to go Grieve, take all the usual first date questions. What does that leave me? Only the awkward ones, thats what. Hello Life, nice to meet you. Here are my questions three: 1. When lemons give you life, is that called lemon-aid? 2. I know Grieve already asked what your favorite food, obviously tacos right? So which particular type? I know its hard. You can take a few moments with this one. 3. What do you mean there is supposed to be a 3rd question?
  15. Hello potential new friend! That is a solid intro post! I play with the Destiny 2 and ESO crew. We also as a community will play a random game every now and again, like two weeks ago it was Overwatch and this Friday we're playing HotS. If you're free, you should come out and join us for that too. So as per tradition, here are your questions three: 1. Do you love tacos? I know, it is crazy question: of course you do! So instead, which is your favorite variety? 2. Congratulations on your promotion, Captain Velius! You're given command of your very own deep space capable space craft. W
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