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          The names Tim, in game character name is Sparklefarts. I've played wow since early BC. I started seriously raiding in WOTLK. I played a rogue up until legion then I switched to a druid that I still play today. 

I've raided mythic the last two expansions. I recently came back from a huge break, I last played during Eternal palace. I got married made a family and now I'm ready to get back into wow for Shadowlands and find a home. 

I'm a RL friend of Kai(Garrett.) I've worked with him off and on for about 5 years now. I'm a family man I have 4 kids, one is biologically mine but the other 3 aren't but I claim them as they are mine. I'm a chill guy that loves to play video games

and talk about really any subject other than politics. Those conversations never end well so I stay away from them.


Plans for the future, I'm currently playing a druid as a boomie and will off heal as needed. Totally stoked and hopefully making some new friends with in your guild. 


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Hey there, Tim!

I'm Mordigrim, Mordi, or Brad. You pick, I'll answer to any of them. I also started playing in BC and raiding in WotLK. I've been with SoH since Cata but have taken several breaks from WoW in that time. I'm a husband and dad to one awesome little guy, he's 7 years old now with a birthday coming up in January. 

Sorry it's taken me a couple days to get a response for you, I have just been swamped with work and I spent my Sunday AFK all day as a sort of retreat from the chaos. 

What are some of your in-game goals for Shadowlands? If there were one thing that would ruin a Guild experience for you, what would that be? 

If you had to pick a single food to eat every day for a month straight, what food would you pick and why?

If you could spend a weekend with any three fictional characters who would you pick and what would you do?

Feel free to hit me back with any questions you've got! 

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  Totally okay, I understand completely. My life is CRAZY during the summer with sports and activities we do with the kids. Were always on the go.


My biggest goal is to be a mythic raider again and push decent high keys ( if I have the time ) I enjoy progression and killing that incredibly hard boss, the feeling afterwards is pretty nuts.


Pretty much the only thing really that would ruin guild experience would be unnecessary drama. 


Hmm this is kind a hard but Habit-chi if I could. I could probably go months with eating just that and I definitely would need some Yum Yum sauce 


Probably Stefan Damon and Elana from Vampire diaries and we would just kill innocent people and I would become a vampire and do vampire things lol 


My only question is this. This is a really neat question and I'm curious on your answer?


If you could spend a weekend with any three fictional characters who would you pick and what would you do?



Heyyy! I prefer Tim, I'm considering changing my in-game name but we will see


I'm super excited for the Lore. I love the lore of this game and I'm very intrigued on how this expansion will go and whats next! 


What are you most excited for?>


If you could spend a weekend with any three fictional characters who would you pick and what would you do?

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