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Hello; and Holy Paladin App.

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Hello South of Heaven. My name is Stephen, I play a blood elf paladin named Ifs, that's with an i, not an L. :p

Character: Ifs, Paladin, Holy Main Spec, Protection off-spec.

Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormreaver/ifs/simple

Experience: Warlock in Vanilla, cleared through Naxx. Rogue in Burning Crusade, cleared Sunwell. Wrath: Created Paladin, and took a break from Wow to graduate from high school, party and all that. Cataclysm, Paladin reborn...looking for raiding guild to give me a new home. (gear would be nice too :p). I've played on many servers, both alliance and horde...but it all began here...on Stormreaver!

Cataclysm Experience: Killed: Bot 2/4 BWD: 3/5 TO4W: 1/2 Attempted: Ascendant Counsil, Chimaeron. ------ All the fights I have been sure to watch online strategy videos, and read the strats.

How I heard about the guild: I was on my shaman, farming herbs like I usually do on my Saturday nights, instead of having a life *cough*. I may have stolen some herbs from a friendly hunter named "Nixpub". We began talking, I apologized of course.

A bit about me: My name is Stephen, I am a student of the University of British Columbia. I am interested in science, specifically biology, with aspirations of being a surgeon. With regards to the World of Warcraft, I am an experience player, dedicated to knowing the best way to play, but also being a great guy to have in the guild. I treat my guild like a family, always have. I do everything I can to make all raids, provide mats to the guild when needed, stay focused during raids, and play on a system that doesn't crap out.

Why I wish to leave my guild: I wish to move to a new guild, since my current guild is full of drama, dysfunction, and lack of effort. I am looking to join a guild who gets it done, and has a good time doing it.

Gear: I have an ilvl of 352, working on getting it higher. (personally I feel like a play with an ilvl of 357 :p)

I hope my guild application is well received, and a look forward to a response.

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Nixpub is always making friends. 110%20Cool.png

I appreciate your application, and it sounds very strong. However, I don't have a core raiding spot available for a healer at this time - both of our 10-man teams currently have h. pals. You would certainly be welcomed to apply to the guild in a social context, and may be able to attend some raids as a "backup", but I cannot make any guarantee as to the uptime.

Well, let me know your thoughts and in the meantime I thank you for stop by to apply. 104%20Big%20Grin.png

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Hello. Thank-you for the friendly replies. Unfortunately, for both of us, I will have to pass on the option of a "social invite". If anything opens up, I'd always be glad to hop aboard in the future.

Good luck, and Happy Hunting.

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