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  1. Blue, are you blue da bo de da bo da? More Cryus friends... i think he is trying to build his own 40 man :P 1. What do you do to pay for your debilitating gaming habits... 2. PC only? Console? pen and paper? 3. If you could do 1 thing 1 time, and walk away with out consequence, what would it be and why (i.e. pantsing a public official, jumping of the empire state building etc)
  2. Welcome Zempai, Always nice to meet another friend of Cryus'! Thanks for noticing the CoC. A couple questions to light the fire, 1. Dogs or cats? 2. As a software engineer, how would you improve WoW classic? 3. hot weather or cold? I'll probably think of more later
  3. Hey @Destanee, I sent you a btag friend request from Andajin#1767 so I could get you in the classic guild.. have you seen it yet
  4. Heyo, What area do you hail from, we have quite a few Texans here if that's your crowd, or a large contingent back east. Aside from gaming what other hobbies do you have? What do you do to pay for hobbies?(Doctor, accountant, world class art thief?) What is the biggest thing that brought you back to Classic? From our conversation ingame you said you were engaged, does the fiancee game with you or can you convert her? (It's always nice to have a gamer wife) Feel free to hit back with anything you want to know ~Walk with the Earth Mother
  5. Hey Undaene, What is your most/least favorite parts of WoW classic How long have you been playing WoW? What is the best band in the history of bands?
  6. But... what game does he want to play with us?!
  7. Welcome Gramps, So, another shaman... it happens... How long have you played wow? Was legion your only raiding experience? What is your Favorite memory from all your time playing? Favorite band? Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream? Strawberries or Blueberries? Have you ever contemplated the meaning of life, the universe and everything? ~Walk with the Earth Mother Morkgrim
  8. Morkgrim


    Hey Lifted, So, on our WoW cohort we are on a RP server but don't force RP in guild. While Both Mord and myself would like to raid we would be building from scratch as none of our "Old Guard" want to be as hard core as he and , still fabulous people. Feel free to reach out to me in game, I am usually on Morkgrim. What is your favorite episode of Seinfeld and why? When you BBQ or Smoke what is your... specialty? If you could meet one "Leader" from any of the races in Classic Wow, who and why? ~Walk with the Earth Mother Morkgrim
  9. More.. Mors Welcome, nice to have another face.. What was it that attracted you to SOH? now for our nonsense seeming questions... 1. Grover or The Count? 2. Dogs or cats? 3. Why is Texas a bad place to be? 4. Metallica or Aerosmith? ~Walk with the Earth Mother Morkgrim
  10. Morkgrim


    Hey Val, Glad to see you made it on here.. some housekeeping first please be sure and read and sign the Code of Conduct HERE. also you can add my btag to hit me up in game Andajin#1767. Now to the fun stuff.... Steak, chicken, or Shrimp Fajitas? Beer, wine, hard spirits, or abstemious? What 1 Zone in Vanilla wow do you wish you could actually walk through? ~Walk with the Earth Mother Morkgrim
  11. Morkgrim


    Hey Skoogey, Welcome to the Forums. be sure you hope over and sign the Code of Conduct here. What are you planning on playing for classic? And now for the fun questions... Light meat or Dark meat? Apples or oranges? if you could be 1 famous person for a day who would it be and Why?
  12. Also, be sure and read and sign the Code of Conduct Here
  13. But more importantly are you going to tell us about Diabeetus testing supplies? WB, Nice to meet you, Why don't you tell us a little about yourself... age... profession.... do you wear things or g-strings... those pressing questions we want to know! alsoooo about your WoW character(s) what are you rolling?... will it be good shit man? I am sure more people will be in to bombard you with seemingly nonsense questions.. but they are how we get to know you. ~Walk with the Earth Mother Morkgrim
  14. Morkgrim


    Hey Diggery, If Mordigrim, Bearer of cups, First of his name, Refiller of my drink. hasn't sent you a discord invite yet go ahead and message me on there Morkgrim#0989. Just a few questions if you dig.... 1.) What is the Airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? 2.) Why are hands? 3.) if you were a color what color would you be and why? 4.) Steak or Chicken? Walk with the Earth Mother ~Morkgrim P.S. would you say this video describes you? Dig
  15. Hey Zimion, Glad to see you on here, always nice to have another Tauren. Both the wife and I will be maining Tauren Shamans as well. if your able tonight I'd like to get a chance to talk to you in discord. you can add me there Morkgrim#0989. Just a few questions to follow up. 1.) Bacon or Sausage? 2.) Skim milk, 1%, 2%, or whole? 3.) if you could meet 1 actually character from WoW who would it be and why? 4.) if you could meet 1 famous person (alive or dead) who and why? Walk with the Earth Mother ~Morkgrim
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