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  1. Tonight is a night for drinking and Morose songs

  2. Nothing bad about that, I myself manage a local fuel depot. my only issue with it is when I have to deal with idiots, or my monkeys deal with them and I end up with a phone call complaining about how they reacted to the situation.
  3. In honor of the day

  4. I'm bad.... back to old school Dark Age of Camelot

  5. Tomorrow 11/10 Merri and I will be going time Walking for this weeks event. any SOH'r that wants to come is more than welcome! See you in Northrend

  6. Any WoWers up for Mythic 2 Eye of Azshara tomorrow, 4:30 eastern?

    1. Cryus


      im pretty sure that I will be available. 

  7. Happy Treason day to all my fellow colonials 



  8. 6 hours, but I finally got our new computer desks all assembled... such fun

  9. Went to see The Good Dinosaur last night with Bunny, disney flick hit ya right in the feels, then shocked me with Sam Elliot as a character voice

  10. I love the randomly good hole in the wall places within walking distance.

  11. It starts, Merri and I began teaching the girl's how to play tabletop RPGS

    1. Morkgrim


      commence assimilation of mini nerds

    2. Tinymanz
    3. Derodek


      One of us! One of us!

  12. 6 strips of thick cut peppered bacon, four eggs and four pieces of toast with gatorade... great hangover cure

    1. Inedit


      I hope it is lemon-lime Gatorade. Could do without the rest.

    2. Scp


      The key to a hang-over cure is to slam that bottle of gatorade before you pass out that night

  13. I need a pair of shorts like this! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CFV_y-YVAAIv-kS.png

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Derodek


      yeah I would wear those super no problem. Buy em!

    3. Inedit


      I'll feed you, troll! :p No one needs jorts, ever!

    4. Sunny


      ^ men aren't supposed to wear shorts

  14. Merri and I just bought a week old bacon seed, now to let it grow for 5-6 months and get some ultra yummy meats

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