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    Back in the 486 days I put a cpu in wrong.. let me tell you, it dosen't take long to fry a cpu and they stink! Anyway, welcome .. hope to see you on one of our group smash bad guys nights! Sometimes it is dungeons and other times we run around a zone and do dolmens and world bosses.
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    Thank you!
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    Read and belatedly signed
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    home depot is terrible for that, especially with small items like screws and such.
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    well as much as I appreciate that people need jobs, standing in line while the cashier takes their time ringing out the people ahead of you is no fun.
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    I am for self checkout
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    Hello fellow pilots! I am the new guy and will be heading out to join you all shortly. I have been playing eve since 2005, more on then off. I have enjoyed(most of the time lol) time in all areas of space, but null is where I spent the most time and had the most fun. I enjoy building, inventing, some mining and pi. Its been a while since I have gotten any kill mails so I look forward to getting on some here soon (and not the ones with the red background!). In RL I work in IT supporting grocery stores from maine to maryland so travel is part of the job. Some of it is scheduled, some not so much. As for other games, I do play some games like Civ 5, Banished, Dominions 4 (very terrible at this, its much deeper then eve but the graphics are a digital board game), and looking forward to civ 6 plus whatever else looks interesting. My son and I are getting in to the Star Wars table top game and of course the whole family enjoys pokemon go (...on my work phone...). I mostly play one pc game at a time though because of the amount of gaming time i have. Anyway, looking forward to chatting with, and flying with you all! *ninja edit* I forgot to mention, If you see Aaldari logged in, thats me too (and you totally need a ninja emoticon )