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  1. The eve questions are mostly covered so in that light. What is your opinion on the glorious sport that is hockey? Fixy or 10 speed? What were/are you studying at Olin?
  2. Welcome to the forums. I'm loving all the west coasters that seem to be resubbing and coming in. More spacefriends in my timezone. How do you like to make isk when you're playing eve? Any fps' other than OW right now? Favorite place you've ever been boarding? (Side note: can you Ski and board or just board?)
  3. @Ashin pretty sure I sent him here after he was in our public channel. If memory serves you may have sent him something as well. On to the questions. Eve Related: What's one failed market experiment that you have tried that sticks out in your mind? Non-Eve: What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done? How do you handle the zone defense with 3 kids? We have 2 and I can't imagine switching from man-to-man to a zone.
  4. Was great talking to you earlier. Eve related questions that I didn't really ask: How do you like to make your spaceship exploding money? I'm terrible at small gang or 1 on 1 combat. What is the best tip you could give? Non-Eve related questions: What field do you currently do your IT work in? Are you originally from Alberta or did you move here? FYI guys I found out chatting with him on SOHCO Public that he lives literally a 25min drive from me, small world man. Also potentially creepy so lets make sure he's cool
  5. Well reasoned on 3. Bears are in fact super chill. I've been within about 10 feet of a large, for a black, bear on a golf course and he just did his thing hunting down berries and the whatnot once I left. I still have the picture somewhere in my phone. Pretty sure I could have pet him if i'd wanted, he was definitely interested in my bag. Probably the sandwich in there.
  6. That was the most awesomely detailed sandwich answer I've ever seen. Now I'm really really hungry. My turn for questions. 1) Favorite place you've ever been and why. 2) Weirdest thing you've ever delivered working for grubhub. 3) Coolest animal on the planet.
  7. ty. now to set everything up and figure out the good places to be in pocket
  8. You can never have too many Canadians. As long as you aren't habs or flames fans we can get along.
  9. Right, I clenched up a bit even if it is only a big statue likely made of thin steel. 50 bucks says it was either drunk high school students near grad or a new snowbirds pilot getting hazed. My wife lived there for a while about 15-20 years ago and wasn't even aware that had happened. Although now I will have to specifically ask her about it maybe she knows who did it. To scynner, Im in new construction so the bugs didn't get too bad until I laid sod and created a bog by watering twice a day. Barely any wasps though. Also that's awesome that you worked at the spa. We travel between Edmonton and winnepeg more often than is sane and up until this year we have always stayed at the temple Gardens. It's kinda deteriorating now and it's more worth it to stay in a cheaper hotel and just pay if we want to visit the pool. We stayed at the grant hall last time we were there but I'm not sure I'll do it again. The antique look is kinda neat but I definitely prefer a more modern environment. I distincly remember an awesome Greek place on the Main Street but can't remember what it's called. All I can ever remember is Hopkins and the super cheap prime rib and drinks.
  10. VNI. Fit to bait people into thinking I'm set up for PVE ratting. It has yet to fully work but I've gotten multiple would be gankers into hull before they get out of point range and bail, it's also hilarious (Technically still tier 1 as its faction and we all know that technically correct is the best kind of correct) My biggest haul came from a data site in WH space. It was a serpentis control tower bp or something similar so yes I stil run them when I'm exploring. I find the hacking minigame fun regardless of loot.
  11. I had such a clever reply to this question but the Internet connection at the airport is hot garbage so it's lost in the interwebs now. I I work in an oilsands mine in northern AB. For fun I play with my 1 and 5 year old daughters, golf as much as possible while still maintaining the appearance of an attentive and involved father and husband (turns out this is like 4 rounds a year tops), work on my house via renovations or currently finishing it up as we just finished building a new one, and lastly play video games. That sentence has awful grammar but I'm on a phone and annoyed by the Internet connection so oh well. Im from Edmonton, AB. Normally I would just say Canada but a) you guys seems more intelligent than the average person who asks me that question on the Internet, and b) you appear to be from the big MJ so you know where these places actually are. I I have 3 return questions for you. 1) How many times have you visited mac the moose? 2) How many tours of Capones tunnels have you done? (I am somehow up to 3 although I haven't figured out why) 3) How could you handle the mosquitoes and wasps this summer? One trip to the park behind temple gardens and I was trying to convince the family to pack up and go visit anywhere else.
  12. I'm gonna jump straight into this. First off CAT or Komatsu, for those of you who are googling what kind of animal a Komatsu is, are 2 of the most popular brands of heavy equipment in the world. They are 2 of about 5 brands that manufacture Ultra Class off highway trucks (~400T payload). I'm going to go with CAT (I apparently text this word enough that my phone autocorrects cat to CAT) however the answer to that completely depends on the environment you're in and I'm gonna ride the fence so hard on this. Komatsu for hard rock, CAT for what I deal with (oil sands). Electric trucks power out waaaaaay too easy in soft ground and you end up light loading them or parking them and ruining productivity. From a maintenance perspective though Komatsu is easier to maintain and much much cheaper (less fuel). Nothing touches D-Series CAT dozers though they are the best by a mile. Flour tortillas all the way. Gluten is delicious also I don't know if soft corn tortillas exist and I don't think I could handle hard shells the rest of my life (quite frankly once a year is enough) Lastly the only answer to cake v. Pie is pie. I actually don't like sugary and overly sweet foods and never have so pie is both superior and not disgustingly sweet. Plus my wife can make pie from scratch which makes it all the more amazing. Pumpkin pie season is coming up and I am pretty excited about it.
  13. Hey all, So I'm told that the next step in the recruitment process is to make a post here and introduce myself. Please be gentle for the grammar/spelling/autocorrect issues as I was hoping to do this on my laptop but my flight has been delayed, so I'm on my phone. So after talking with Solomon in game (I am going with the spelling of the brand and hoping it's right) I have opted to go further down the rabbit hole. I'm tired of not knowing or reckognizing the people I'm playing with and the whole mature, older member base appeals to me as I'm in my early 30's with 2 kids and RL has to come before games with no exceptions. I currently have a RL job working as a supervisor in a mine and have an engineering background. The result of this is bizzare play times. On days off I'll be around after 8pm MT(or whenever the kids are in bed), when working days it will be 530-900 pm MT, and when on nights it will be 530-900 am. Other games i play are LOL (pretty terrible at it) and CSGO (used to be goodish, skills have lapsed considerably due to eve and summer honey do lists). For eve my history is all over the place but pretty carebearish. Started out loving exploring (still enjoy it and don't regret learning scanning skills) and dabbled in mining. Moved on to setting myself up to rat for ISK so I trained into drone boats. Then I started rounding out my fitting skills (a bit backwards). Can fly covops frigates because I wanted to be a bomber, even went on a couple bombers bar roams (man did I pick bad ones, not a single kill). Needless to say my skills (only 10m) are everywhere and will need some work to get into shape for doctrine fleets. I am currently full on interested in tackle, interceptors currently however I'm only a week or 2 from sitting in a Dictor with decent skills. There's not a lot of good tackle out there and it's probably the most important part of finding fights. Roaming is boring when everyone can run away before the fleet gets there. Anyhow this his got long winded so fire away with any questions.
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