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    Hello! Somehow missed this last week. I tend to watch the LCS most weekends, as well! How long have you been a filthy TSM (gasp!) fan? Also, do you play any League? If so, what is your preferred role?
  2. Hello, and welcome! I look forward to raiding with you in the very near future. Now, there are more pressing matters at hand! 1) Do you watch any anime? 2) If you answered “Yes” to #1, what would be a classic favorite of yours and a more modern one? 3) What kind of music do you like? 4) What’s your favorite exotic weapon in D2?
  3. Hello! I, too, am quite the family man myself. Where/when did you and your wife meet? I love a good romance.
  4. Hello! I know we've met/played together already but I've been slouching on forum activity! 1) Do you prefer sci-fi or fantasy, typically? 2) What is your favorite tv/movie/fandom/etc. from your preference?
  5. Hello again! Bugging out the audio on Level 3 EP is a weekly ritual for us, haha. I have just 2 questions for you: 1) Favorite show/movie set in a future/future-like setting? 2) Favorite show/movie set in a past/past-like setting? Looking forward to raiding with you!
  6. I’m glad to see you on pc finally! Which Halo game is your favorite and why? Also, which Pokémon deck is your favorite and why?
  7. Mechanical is my education background! My place of employment doesn’t really differentiate our job title, based on that, though.
  8. My most recent jams have included Nile, Firespawn, and Cattle Decapitation! 1) December, competed in a Pokemon TCG regional tourney. 2) Anxious. 3) Probably 0! I will consider it! 1) Hunter (Gunslinger). 2) Rasputin because of how much I want to know about it. 3) My Hero Academia with Food Wars being a close second! 4) Westworld. 5) Engineer. 6) Really cold & snowy weather for me!
  9. Understood, consider it signed.
  10. That's good to hear! And, yes, I have 1 pet, a tiny dog whose name is Sushi and I'll reply to this post tomorrow with a cute picture of her. Cats are pretty cool because they don't need us humans! I've actually never tried HotS! It seemed like an easier version of LoL to me, so, I never gave it a chance! 1) Chicken tacos, soft-shelled tortilla, queso and salsa on it. 2) Mission would be to explore and chart phenomena, the ship is the Setting Sun, and I would bring my family! 3) They mutinied, due to my sarcastic/dry sense of humor and they left my right on the bridge to do all of the work while they relax haha.
  11. Hello everyone, this is Velius here. I didn't read any other introductory posts prior to making my own, so, I hope that this will suffice. I'm here for Destiny 2, primarily, though, I play quite a lot of other games. I also regularly play Hearthstone (mostly Druid and Paladin), Overwatch (mostly D.Va), and League of Legends (mostly mid lane). I'm not a very high rank in any of them, unfortunately. I started playing Destiny during the beta for D1 on Xbox One and I recently decided to starting playing D2 on PC. I'm probably more obsessed about the Destiny lore more than I am any other aspect of the game. Tidbit information about myself: I'm very into anime, science fiction, the same pop-culture you likely are, and as far as music goes, I listen to a lot of different genres, including dnb, pop-punk, and death metal. Lastly, I'm 30 and have a family, who will always take precedent over my video game time. Thanks for reading!
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