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  1. Will

    New d2 player

    sci-fi typically but enjoy both. favorite movie.stripes lol
  2. Will

    Code of Conduct

    I have read and agreed to the code of conduct.
  3. Will

    New d2 player

    Right now I play d2,planetside 2,battlefield and overwatch. Major non gaming. I drag race road race a 2013 boss 302 mustang. I work for Toyota 28 years. Yes 4 pets 2 cats(both male) 1 dog 1 puppy. (Both female)
  4. Will

    New d2 player

    Hi I'm will. New player to the group. Been on destiny 2 since it came out. Long time online gamer from the days of wow pre litch king lol.. Quit after panda. I have always raised with higher end and love team work. Clan I left was fun but most left due to being selfish. Basically got light level max and quit. Or did what they wanted then never helped anyone else Anyway. Hope to see everyone online and get some great team work going. Personally. Married with kids ,work 6 days a week and still find time to have fun. Working on opening my own place up. But I'll always be here lol