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  1. Glad to see you decided to choose us for the fresh start. Lots of good people here . Glad to be playing with you again.
  2. Will

    Hey all

    lol exwife wouldnt allow me to make him a JR.. To give you a little a lit bit of info on him. He is 25, army fire support specialist.is his day job.. He has 2 huskys and a beautiful wife that keeps him inline.. I have finally pulled him over to PC gaming after him being a avid XBOX gamer for years. He has play COD and all the other shooters. He was also a avid D1 player when it came out. He loves to raid and is a titan at heart..
  3. welcome aboard. Feel free to reach out if you need anything or help . or someone to just run stuff with.
  4. Will


    Welcome aboard. Like i posted in your brothers post. I was a pally /dk guy in wow for years ( burning crusade up to panda then gave it up). You and your brother will like it here. we are semi hardcore but yet not hardcore (some of us are OCD lol) and love to raid on all our toons.. If you or your brother need anything feel free to just ask. we are always around
  5. welcome shawn. I was in wow in also during those years. Our 25m was top 100 , i ran a pally and then a dk, both as DPS and tanks, was one of the first on our server to have shadowmourne back when it was cool lol. I left wow after pandas. You will enjoy it here , semi hardcore but not. We have a core group that doesnt mind pressing new stuff but yet helping others out. Most of us love to raid and do so on all of our guys. Glad to have you and your brother on board. Look forward to seeing you in game.
  6. Glad to have you on board. You will find lots of helpful people here no matter which game you dive into. As you dive deeper into destiny you will see it becomes more fun every day.. Lich king the good old days of shadowmourne and 25m raids..
  7. Welcome to our forums and our group. Sorry to hear about your accident ,but glad you made it on the road to recovery. If you need anything in game feel free to reach out. We are here to work as a team..
  8. Will

    New d2 player

    sci-fi typically but enjoy both. favorite movie.stripes lol
  9. I have read and agreed to the code of conduct.
  10. Will

    New d2 player

    Right now I play d2,planetside 2,battlefield and overwatch. Major non gaming. I drag race road race a 2013 boss 302 mustang. I work for Toyota 28 years. Yes 4 pets 2 cats(both male) 1 dog 1 puppy. (Both female)
  11. Hi I'm will. New player to the group. Been on destiny 2 since it came out. Long time online gamer from the days of wow pre litch king lol.. Quit after panda. I have always raised with higher end and love team work. Clan I left was fun but most left due to being selfish. Basically got light level max and quit. Or did what they wanted then never helped anyone else Anyway. Hope to see everyone online and get some great team work going. Personally. Married with kids ,work 6 days a week and still find time to have fun. Working on opening my own place up. But I'
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