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  1. Evaporated

    Oh Hai

    Hello Xella! Welcome to SoH! What other types of games do you play?
  2. Oh man do I know how that goes. I always go back and forth between doing that kind of thing and just coming up with something funny. When naming characters in WoW, if didn't have a name in mind, I would hit google translate and type in stuff related to the class I was using and see if anything I liked popped up. I had a DK in WoW that I ended up naming Morsafferta. If I recall some form of Morsaffert popped up when I translated bringer of death (or something like that) into Latin. Since the toon I made was female I added an "a" to the end. But...then in GW2 I named my ranger Sausage Prime to make my friends laugh. And that kind of stuck, so it gets used as my user name on occasion and is slowly replacing Evaporated, it would seem.
  3. Welcome! What's the story behind your username?
  4. I will definitely do that. Had plenty of RC cars as a kid, but never got any of the really good ones. You ran electric? It doesn't really get into gas powered until you get to 1/5th scale right? I think that's what was I seeing. If I ever decide to get into, I'll have questions for you for sure. Two big ass thumbs up from me on that one!
  5. Hello, Batt! Welcome to the forums! Not currently RC racing any more? That's a hobby I have always wanted to get into, but from what I've seen it can get plenty expensive. So I've just been living vicariously through various RC youtubers. How long did you play Black Desert? My Steam profile shows that I have over 4000 hours in, but of course I'm sure you know a good chunk of that is afk lifeskilling. I stopped playing close to a year ago. Were you in one of the big guilds?
  6. This started during the Guild Wars 2 beta. A friend and I were playing on laptops at his house and while creating characters we tried to come up with character names to make the other person laugh. I thought he was going to pass out after he saw Sausage Prime above my character's head. Really just depends on what I have on hand. Usually either Mountain Dew or water. Back when did stuff like that, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.
  7. Evaporated


    Hello everyone! My name is Mike, and I am a 38 year old human male. Online I go by Evaporated or Sausage Prime, but feel free to just call me Mike, or Evap, or Sausage if you're into that sort of thing. I've been a gamer since I was old enough to beg my mom to hook up our Atari 2600. I'm currently really only playing Destiny 2, but I generally enjoy playing and trying out different MMOs and shared world games (Black Desert, WoW, Marvel Heroes, Diablo). I like the social aspect of these types of games a lot and I am usually down to join up with folks and do whatever tasks they might be working on. I'm pretty laid back and I die real good in Destiny 2 pvp! So if you need a meat shield in Crucible or Iron Banner just give me a call. I also like chatting about games and movies and stuff like that. My absolute favorite genre is fighting games. Really looking forward to the new Smash Bros. next month and DoA6 in February. I am close friends with guild members Hyna and Washingtron, even if they won't admit it themselves. I've known them both for......like, around 20 years now....jeez. I recently started my own custom vinyl and printing business. Almost two months and I'm not living on the street yet! Well, that's pretty much me. I'm open to any questions and look forward to sacrificing myself in pvp for you all.
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