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  1. Greetings fellow people i am a simple person you treat me nicely and ill treat you the same . you ruin my mode ill ruin your mode . I am a lvl 55 Templar I got 1 elite 50 pvp peice and i got enough gold medal forthe chest . I like to do dungeon and when i am fully geared i will fall in love with doing daily PVP quest and normally you need a legion to back you up for that *hint hint* . let me tell u about my personally a bit i am fucking insane i will pull more mobs and try to keep the party smiling and laughing . I will not use people and in return do not like to be used myself if you dont like me or how i do stuff just simply dont invite me . I hate drama and will not cause any so i would like it if drama stays away from me .....cause i will leave the legion if people treat me like shit to they have something to laugh about because they got their asses beat down by a better player(most likely elyo). Oh yes i fucking hate elyo and i am not very bright so that why i play a tank they have the simplest job take argo and destory it well hope to hear from you soon . Btw i play 20+ hours and if im afk i can see the screen IF you PM me otherwise your talking to my toon and not the user xP
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