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  1. Didn't prepare lawn properly in fall, still totally brown. So annoying. So much work to do, planter boxes, paver stones and pea gravel patio, outdoor furniture. Fun, but so time consuming. I kinda miss not having a lawn lol.

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    2. Dililah


      Make sure it is a tree that doesn't drop a lot of trash.  My neighbors have a river birch that overhangs my roof, drops pollen cones that look like dead worms, clogs my gutters even with the gutter screens and drops small branches all the time.  It is the #1 tree that I am allergic to.  I want that tree dead.

      I have a very nice weeping cherry, it does not get tall, but the blooms do not last long enough.  The blooms on the crabapples that are in the neighborhood last much longer and the tree is a good size.  If I was to plant another tree it would be a crabapple. 



    3. Stasis


      I should have checked this post before now! We did buy our tree today, Japanese Lilac (Syringa reticulata). I saw the Dolgo crabapple Tiny, because it looks similar when in flower. We may get one for our backyard actually, after discussing with a super nice employee who guided us on this tree planting adventure (omg we knew so little). Delivery is Saturday. I'll post pics after we put it in! Lilah your advice is spot on and we made that clear when asking, didn't want anything dropping over driveways etc. and certainly no sap or cones etc. So lilac up front and perhaps the crabapple in the yard.

    4. Stasis


      Thanks guys! =)

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