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  1. Hello and welcome!! I think you’ll like it here! WoW is probably my first love and it hurts me to see it wither away like it has. With what they learned in legion I thought BFA was gonna be amazing. I preordered it and haven’t even re-subbed since the tail end of legion. Whats your opinion on the state of WoW and BFA? Whats tour top 5 most memorable moments in WoW?
  2. Welcome to Clan! Whats some of your favorite memories/stories of wow? I no life'd wow up until Mid TBC and then on and off ever since. Whats your opinion on the state of the game with BFA? . I have been wanting to go back and play BFA but it seems like the community at large is pretty down on it. It looked like it was gonna be a great expansion.
  3. Proper spelling of y'all and decent dad joke game. This will be a promising recruit.
  4. This is great news! maximum respect for grieve, the core SoH and the fanatics that were recruited that made this chapter possible. What they had to work with and what they have made from it is nothing short of remarkable. Also, I want to make a ploy to my fellow SoH lifers. If you have played destiny 2 in the past or have never played it at all, PLEASE come give it a shot(or another shot), the game is about to take off and go places. There will be a completely new loot system, hybrid PvE PvP game mode(holy shit its fun),deeper RPG elements, tons of secrets to discover and completionist things to complete. We in the Destiny 2 chapter would love for you to be there with us when it all kicks off Tuesday.
  5. So Legion is pretty legit.

    1. Drpibb


      I agree! I'm having a lot of fun with it so far. I'm actually reading quest text too (crazy ikr)! I could see myself leveling every class this expansion for the class halls too 

  6. Pfft...who needs laws.

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    2. Ashin


      The fact that intent is required to prove crime is part of our law, and has been for a long time before Hillary.  You've decided that your talk radio facts are so compelling that we should ignore actual laws, which I doubt you bothered to look into.  You claim, for example, that her having the server or using personal e-mail were illegal - they were not at that time.  Whether her conduct was ethical or appropriate is absolutely debatable.  But you're not entitled to complain about others ignoring laws when (a) you don't know what those laws were and (b) you would prefer we ignore them whenever it suits your personal politics.


      Fact check: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2015/mar/12/hillary-clintons-email-did-she-follow-all-rules/

    3. Ashin


      This morning's Washington Post (one of a handful of credible news sources left in our media) carries this editorial:


    4. Hyna
  7. Rode out my first tornado. It was awesome!

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    2. Ashin


      " In seriousness i was getting ready to haul some berries to dole and it came through when I was about to fuel up the reefer truck. " 

      In seriousness, you and I are from completely different worlds!  It's cool tho - glad you are safe.

    3. Hyna


      @Ashinthanks buddy! 


      @StasisWell when I pulled in I tried to make sure the wind would be at my back and that I wouldn't be broadside so the truck would get blown over. Dane explaining the miracles of jesus is a classic.

    4. Darlantan


      That looked so exceedingly awesome. Loved the sound too! I'm....kinda jealous. :p

  8. I'm drunk. It's New Years. I love you all very much. HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR!!!

  9. You are going to fit in quite nicely here.
  10. Mages are such scum bags in arena

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    2. Hyna


      Also sharpsword oil is so fucking broken in arena

    3. Derodek


      might need to look into making more mage buddies. Could increase my win rate...

    4. Sunny


      Shaman is one of my favorite HS classes, but i feel their class cards are very weak for arena. Arena is all about card value and frankly the overload mechanic really hurts

  11. Here waste 2:09 of your time of

    1. Torick


      Lol, did you see the Star Wars throne room one?

    2. Fera


      Wow, that spray tan is unreal.

  12. i miss when a hang over was just something you had to endure the morning after.

    1. Stasis


      You know, I'm getting to the point when you get used to it, or something? It's not so bad now. This message took 20 minutes to type. TS.

  13. Oh blizzard...your games are great but your server structure and admins are mediocre.

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    2. Hyna


      Yeah. Account services and the hearthstone store have been down since GvG launched. On top of that some people are having authentication issues.

    3. Derodek


      agreed. I can't even log on!

    4. Sunny


      i think im lucky cause i can log in, but cant buy any booster packs

  14. It took 1 bite of a Hachiya Persimmon for me to realize i should have researched hachiya persimmons

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    2. Ashin


      This is all strange to me!

    3. Cryus


      HAHAHA. They are a strange breed of fruits. My mom and dad love them. My dad has trees and grows hundreds of them every year. makes pies, jams, jellys, pretty much anything out of them. I hate them.

    4. Midri


      My dad loves them, too! I'm neutral, but it can really suck if you try to eat an under-ripe one.

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