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  1. Sweet basil, purple leaf basil, cilantro, spearmint, chocolate mint, chives, garlic chives, oregano, thyme, lemon thyme, mini red bell pepper, sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, mini eggplant, rosemary, Lebanese cucumber, swiss chard, stevia, and lavender. Our garden is pretty damn complete! Now to make sure it all stays alive, lol.

    1. Kiffen
    2. Ashin


      Chocolate mint is an actual plant?  You really needed two kinds each of chives and thyme?  No berries or melons?!


      (Also, I lol'd @ stevia)

    3. Stasis


      It is! And it does taste different than other mints. I just liked it tbh. As to the chives, thyme (and basil, though the basil is mostly because it looks awesome) yes it does make a difference. Need, no, but they were all on sale and we have tons of room in the raised bed so we just went for it. Stevia is simply because it's fun to pick the leaves and eat, honestly. They're so sweet! I'm thinking it'll be fun in some cocktails too, muddled. Kinda like a natural simple syrup! We're still missing a few things, now that I look up lists. Tarragon, marjoram, etc.


      As to melons and berries, not this year. We're going to see how well this all goes and then get another bed for those next spring, start them earlier. Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and like two or three melons. We had a long debate about this over there lol. I wanted everything. EVERYTHING. But it's like 10 big bags of compost/vermiculite/soil etc. PER raised bed. Quite a bit of work. So this is it for this year. We have lots of room for more next year. It's very fun!

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