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  1. Summer term done (ish). One essay left and a week off before fall term starts. Miss you guys, hope all are well!

    1. Fera


      It'll all be worth it my friend!

    2. Huntyre


      miss you too.. you're rocking it!

  2. Promotions!

  3. The best part of waking up is whatever brand of K-cup I got on sale in my cup. ^_^

    1. Booker Boltgrinder

      Booker Boltgrinder

      My current Kcup is adonuthouse coffee that's super delicious. I think my keurig brewer is now my most prized possession

    2. Ankin


      I have gone back to ground coffee, but made with the Keurig filter baskets.... oh so good.

    3. Orchyd


      I got a generic Keurig filter. No es bueno. Definitely must invest in the real deal.

  4. Back from Vegas, now to get my mind right for classes to start in a week. Smileyface?

    1. Fera


      I'd smile, but then I'm weird like that ^^

  5. I'm going Vegas tomorrow! I haz excite! =D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Booski


      Omg that's awesome! Have so much fun!!!!!!!

    3. Orchyd


      Haha, will do. Except the lucky undies thing. I'm all about shoes, though!

    4. Lapisluna


      Have fun Orchyd :)

  6. Man of Steel. AWESOME. Made my little Superman-lovin' heart leap with joy

    1. Karayne


      Yes! Enjoyed it quite a lot, was about time for an awesome superman movie.

    2. Huntyre


      hehe.. good to hear.

  7. Promotions!

    WOO! Gratz you guys!!!
  8. Up early for Run or Dye DC with my mom and oldest daughter today! =D

    1. Lapisluna


      Good luck and have fun!

  9. SoH Guild Census I (Age & Gender)

    Mmmm....waffle fries....
  10. Spent the day in Gettysburg with Mom, Husband, and Child #4. I am tired but inspired. Also those words rhyme. Can't wait to go back and see more things!

    1. Huntyre
    2. Fera


      :thumbs up:

    3. Dililah


      One of these days going to have to make a trip there.

  11. Promotions!

    Congrats, Ankin!
  12. Promotions!

  13. Aloha! Guess who might be able to play some Guild Wars soon?!

  14. Out of the gamin loop until we get a new computer. My school laptop can't handle GW2 (I know, lame) and our children have magically disabled our desktop. I promise to stop into the forums as often as I can because I miss all your faces. Also Spring Break is coming up! Much needed break for me! =D

    1. Huntyre
    2. Fera


      D'oh! I've been missing you and now it's even worse!

    3. Orchyd


      I know. It's super lame. Tyrlis and I are working on getting another rig soon. Shouldn't be too long of a break, maybe a couple weeks.

  15. I made a spicy Moqueca (Brazilian fish stew) tonight, modified with potatoes to increase the heartiness factor. The kids actually loved it!

    1. Huntyre


      that sounds delish! and the fact that your kids would eat a fish stew is impressive.