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  1. Thanks Ashin! I think this sounds like a great new system! I know for myself and Buttonz, we've missed playing with everyone and having a monthly meet-up would be so fun! Looking forward to the future and all the new changes
  2. Happy Belated Birthday Hunt! Hope you had the best day!!! :)

    1. Huntyre
    2. Fera


      Wait what? How did I miss your birthday?! I'm not sure who to punish, you or myself! lol Happy Birthday my friend! wub woo! <3

  3. Thanks again for all the birthday wishes! You guys are the best and I appreciate it so much :)

  4. Buttonz and I just played GW2 for the first time in so long! We miss everyone!! Had to make new characters til we remember how to play again.

    1. Huntyre


      I re-installed it a while back and felt the same way. hehe

    2. Fera


      Miss you guys too!

    3. Valcrist


      It's pretty fun to take your 80s through old content if you have the expansion and can quickly unlock gliding.

  5. So excited for my new car today! 2016 Escape in Deep Impact Blue looks great sitting in our driveway! Yay!! Thanks Buttonz for loving me like you do! :wub:

  6. Had a great "Friendsgiving" last night with awesome food and even better friends :)

    1. Fera


      love that! ... and miss ya face too ^^

  7. We're once again left heartbroken...had to put our other dog,Katie,to sleep last night. She was my sidekick and we miss her so much. 2015 HAS to be a better year for us.

  8. Welcome Harrachi! Nice to have you join us!! If there's anything we can do to help you out,just let us know
  9. This is going to be a long day...my Dad's funeral is this morning and this still just feels like a bad dream. We miss him so much!!

    1. Vanity


      Sorry, Booski. Lean on that family today.

    2. Buttonz


      My shoulders are big, and my arms are strong... I got you baby. Nothing but love

    3. Eslosh


      Im so sorry for your loss and can't imagine the struggles of today. Hang in there.

  10. Rest in Peace,Dad. You fought a hard battle and you will be forever missed. We love you so much!!!

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    2. Fera


      The warmest of hugs to you, my friend. I send you peace and tranquility.

    3. Hyna


      Im sorry booski.

    4. Owl


      I'm very sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you.

  11. Welcome Alkaia! I absolutely loved your intro!! I also have an amazing guy in the guild (Buttonz) and we have a great time gaming together! It's always fun having more couples! Looking forward to getting to know you
  12. Welcome! Those kitties are adorable
  13. Had a great time at Easter brunch! We just can't get enough of our sweet niece Willow :)

  14. How does one feel better from such heartache...cherish your pets and spoil them rotten. Our Lola made our lives a brighter place and she'll always hold a special place in our hearts.

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    2. Lindels


      Hugs for you both from Steve & I.

    3. Stasis


      So sorry for your loss. Truly the one downside to owning wonderful pets is having to someday say goodbye =/

    4. Booski


      Thanks everyone. You've all been so sweet. We miss our girl.

  15. Had a great time visiting with Kenny and Amy lastnight at their new apartment. Thanks for the great company and dinner :)

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    2. Fera


      Did Kenny honor you all w/ a song? ^^

    3. Lindels


      We had a great time too! Unfortunately Kenny didn't sing for us this time, though. :(

    4. Booski


      He didn't sing,damn him. He shared in the cooking duties tho,so he did a good job :)

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