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  1. Welcome to SoH. Yay, someone else that recognizes how cool the making of an aircraft is! Are you looking more at the aircraft systems or aircraft structures (mech and math could feed into either)? My background is aircraft structures, but I promise there will be no hate if you say systems.
  2. I am so not ready for the movers to show up in two weeks :(

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    2. Ashin


      I would agree with the first comment except I don't consider add-on's to be a benefit (I dislike games that allow them) and I can't say one game wins for "pvp styles" - GW2's WvW is still unrivaled.

    3. Jackal


      Oh heavens. This is a whole thread of it's own. I do love/miss the 'look behind' key, though.

    4. Lindels


      I like both games for different reasons, and will continue to play them both! Some good points in that thread, though.

  3. Heading home today and lockout period ends at reset. Can't wait to WvW with SoH agian.

  4. Just found out we are being transfered this summer (which is a good thing). It is only a couple of hours away but a move is still a move, so my time to troll the forums and game will be reduced for the next few months :(

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    2. Ankin


      It's alright Ashin, I have big shoulders. Plus this way when I do return it will be so much sweeter!

    3. Fera


      I'm just gonna huff n puff n be miffed ;P

    4. Makiko


      Gosh Fera. Wouldn't it be soooo nice if we saw Ankin in GW2? :O

  5. Thank you for the change to the GW2 Proffessions forums, so muh easier to navigate

  6. 2+ ft of snow on the ground, plus 1in of rain today, and freezing tempertures this weekend is not going to be nice

  7. Welcome to the forums. My account is still back on CD also, but I usually only log on for the Guild Missions. As for a PTT key, you need to figure out what is within easy reach for your hands and how much you use your mouse/keyboard for moving and actions. Personally I cheat and use the G-Shift key on the Logitech G600 mouse, but others often find left shift or left ctl easy to access.
  8. Dear Monday, why can't you be more like your sibling Friday, who bring much more joy to my life?

  9. Ankin

    GW2 Intro Griff

    Ashin just doesn't like anyone who is 'green behind the ears'.
  10. Ankin

    GW2 Intro Griff

    Welcome. Finally someone else who played Asheron's Call, that is where I 'cut my teeth' also.
  11. Oh Friday, how I have missed you, why can't we see each other more often?

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    2. Grieve


      Friday everyday!!

    3. Lindels


      I'm fairly certain I'd miss Saturdays and Sundays if every day was Friday!

    4. Darlantan


      That's a great point. Also, how do you define Friday? I don't acknowledge the presence of Friday until approx. 4:30pm. It's more like Frursday until then.

  12. I forgot how much work I can get done when I get to work at 5 (2 hours before anyone else is in the building).

    1. Huntyre


      yep.. it's the best. :)

    2. Darlantan


      5am sounds really gross. :p

    3. Ankin


      It sounds better than the 4:15 am that I had to wake up to be in at taht time.

  13. One word (or close enough to a word): TGIF

    1. Booski


      Omg Seriously...if it weren't Friday i don't know what I'd do!

    2. Dililah
    3. Grieve


      it may be Friday, but the gods are against me. Let's just leave it at white polo shirt + crappy cup from starbucks...

  14. I tell myself everyday that all my bosses are perfect leadership examples; just some are examples of how to lead and other are examples of how not to lead!

    1. Fera


      lol, I hear ya brother!

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