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  1. Boo. 

    1. Gravey


      Hmm, I suppose that could be interpreted as disapproval or contempt, but it was meant to suddenly surprise you.   

    2. Morkgrim


      Suddenly a wild Gravey appears.... next thing you know we'll have Biscuits

    3. Darlantan
  2. <3 I sometimes wondered what Devil was up to. This was good to see this morning.
  3. I can't even connect. It might be that I'm already registered but I had to re-install due to format of my hard drive so my current certificate is not matching. "Wrong certificate or password for registered user. If you are certain this user is protected by a password please retry. Otherwise abort and check your certificate and user name."
  4. I can only imagine what real life Forrest's have been through since that movie's release.
  5. Damn you Madagascar!

  6. Windows 8 is driving me a bit crazy...

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    2. Tinymanz


      luc speaks wisdom

    3. Stasis


      Apparently it's smooth when you take the time to customize it and get used to it, but unless it's free and you're bored I don't see any reason to. Win 7 is still great. Luc is correct, wait for 9!

    4. Proof


      8 seems to be more integrated for tablets. I agree it drives me crazy on my laptop...hate it.

  7. I should be a ghost... edit: I am a ghost! You guys are quick!
  8. I share Ashin's curiosity with the 1st question...(probably not for the same reasons). And hi and welcome to the boards.
  9. I'm really curious what Ashin is going to say about all this...
  10. A year worth of preparation and go-live prep starts tonight at 8pm. Hopefully I still have a job tomorrow afternoon!

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    2. Fera


      Need an update!

    3. Darlantan


      I hope they haven't killed him. :(

    4. Gravey


      Not dead! So far so good. The pharmacy is the rock star...as usual.

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