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  1. Seems like you copied and pasted your app. unless you have a bad taste in eye popping text.
  2. Would you consider yourself a reactionary Healer then, rather than an aggressive healer?
  3. I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hello there Puggles, You must be Aegon friend glad that you made your way to the forums. Just have one quick question if you do all get accepted into the guild what's your thought on yourself or Aegon or your yet to be named third friend not being in raid together at the same time will there be tension over that?(We currently really only run one raid with a very non serious alt raid during the weekend),
  5. Going to have to agree with Syn on this, esp with the lack of healers on our team that have viable dps spec, having a full time dps over a healer that has a half dps/healer gear would be much preferred on 5 heals fights and that no disrespect to our Healers
  6. Welcome to the team and let your fate be a bit more kind to you than it was to Ned Stark.
  7. Hey Punistrasza, I quickly broke down your Jin'rokh kill as it would be the best fight to showcase your Dps So the fight lasted 5:43 Seconds, Your POH uptime was good on this fight you maximized the amount of time you could use it, but you only used Synapse Springs 4 times do you not have these bound together? Your Horn of Winter was used 15 times on the fight, it could of been used 17 times never hurts to get that free 20 Runic power. Also it seems no one else in your LFR was providing this buff so it was very important to keep up. You used AMS 3 times during the fight, you could of used it
  8. Hey Pandae, What do you think about the druids talents and in what situations would you change your current talents to better equip yourself for a fight. Gl on the App
  9. Just got back from PAX pretty tired, but had such a great time.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kem


      I'm the one in the orange T-shirt, any other photo that was taken of me my buddy friends have on their phone and don't have access to as I was doing filming the whole weekend

    3. Nez


      The on bottom left is holding his sword at a bad angle for the camera... The other guys expression doesn't help the situation.

    4. Stasis


      You work for Machinima? That's cool. Didn't realize you went as press =)

  10. Off to Pax East, GL on Raid tonight and ill be back Sunday

    1. Stasis


      Awesome, enjoy!

  11. Hello Snap and welcome to the boards, I have a few questions 1). Gear not a problem especially in a 25m, but why didn't you upgrade your weapon/bottle before 5.2? 2). What do you use to track your CD and could you talk about your opening, and describe when you have a "good" opening to when you have a "bad" opening. 3). I looked at you armory did you raid past xpac on a different toon if so could you link them. 4). Can go over your stat priorities 5). Can you go over your talent choices and under what circumstances you want to change them (aoe fights to patch work fights) Good luck on the ap
  12. Are you a sports fan? If so, are you a Boston fan or New York fan being from that split state Connecticut.
  13. Jab the destroyer of guilds since Molten Core. Also, never said hello fellow Eredar raider.
  14. Grats and Welcome will definitely "have fun" next week being a new tier .
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