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  1. Spirit of redemption bugged out withered army training making me actually die instead of teleporting me out so I lost all my chests. :(

  2. Torick

    Hardcore Laments

    I lost my Witch Doctor because I was laughing at The Office on my other monitor and didn't notice my spirit vessel went off.
  3. Torick

    Diablo III: Reaper of souls

    Blizzard as a company is just so unimaginative. I'm as much of a Blizzard fanboy as the next guy, but they have no concept of lateral progression, it's just power creep. "Hey we need some content for the next patch so lets add ancient items! They are the exact same items, just rarer and have some higher numbers! Oh shit those are really powerful so lets add 4 more difficulty levels in the next patch instead of creating more skills, unique items, and encounters." I'm waiting for patch 2.4 content where they introduce prehistoric items with 50 extra stats.
  4. Wildstar is going f2p for those of you who liked the game but not enough to sub.

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    2. Tilluk



    3. Etol


      I'll definitely peek my head back in once that happens

    4. Huntyre


      Terse hit me up on FB and she'sh going to check it back out. I'll probably check it out for the housing aspect. :p

  5. Xcel Energy Center is reppin our guild! http://imgur.com/43AhFIF (it actually stands for State of Hockey...close enough)

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    2. Yuri


      I love the Xcel Center, that pic almost makes me miss MN.

    3. Fera
    4. Ashin
  6. Anybody pick up Total War: Attila? Buggy mess or stable? I see it's $45 not $60.

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    2. Valcrist


      Oh also, don't forget that traditionally CA screws up more with AMD than Nvidia, so it'll matter which GPU you're running.

    3. Torick


      From what I've been reading it's leaps and bounds better than Rome 2, that makes me excited. Im running Nvidia so its all good.

    4. Tyrlis



  7. Oh noes, I bought 2 ascended trinkets of the same type with wvw tickets not realizing they are unique. Hope anet will refund me for being stupid...

  8. I tried to go outside my comfort zone and try a new flavor of chip. Salt and vinegar was quite disgusting and now I smell like vinegar and I'm out a bag of original kettle chips. Never again.

    1. Sunny


      i love salt and vinegar chips, but i think its an acquired taste

    2. Lindels


      salt and vinegar is my favorite! I think it's one of those love/hate kind of things - there is no middle ground.

    3. Huntyre


      acquired taste.. stick to the jalapeno chips.

  9. The greatest thing about the WoD expansion is the return of Nagrand trees.

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    2. Torick


      Nagrand trees are love, they are life.

    3. Ashin


      Like hard cider?

    4. Darlantan


      I haven't seen them yet. Are they glorious?

  10. Metallica is playing at Blizzcon. I wish I wasn't a poor college student.

  11. Torick

    Diablo III: Reaper of souls

    You have offended the pc master race. Keyboard and mouse is better for all types of gameplay. It is known.
  12. NCsoft has been getting their servers wrecked the past 2 days.

    1. Makiko


      Teq run ruiiiined D;

    2. Huntyre


      yeah.. they've been getting crushed. I keep getting W* and GW2 updates saying their data center is experiencing problems.

  13. Torick

    Diablo III: Reaper of souls

    I'm looking forward to the new patch. The game needs a little more variety in the class specific sets I think to get more build variety. All you really find are leap/earthquake barbs these days. I'm also looking forward to the dexterity change. Good game though. Yevren and I have hardcore characters doing torment 1 and will probably be rerolling and grouping for seasons. Oh and they also need to make the Royal Ring of Grandeur not mandatory for every build.
  14. Anybody bought anything from Green Man Gaming? Are they reputable?

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    2. Sunny


      I've used GMG many times with no problems. I'm annoyed at the amount of promo emails they send me. I know you can turn them off, but every time i do they end up discounting a game I want

    3. Reign


      Yep. Many times. Their reps are pretty active on reddit.

    4. Huntyre


      yeah. they're legit. I got my copy of WS (25% off) through them

  15. 2k points ahead of mag, outnumbered on every map, SoS non existant, mag blobs ppting their hearts out. The dream is real.

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    2. Torick


      Took more keeps and garrisons in the past 2 hours than I have in the past 2 months but now I'm headed out of town. Good luck all.

    3. Ashin


      Torick beat the game and is leaving now.

    4. Valcrist