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I have been looking for a guild for GW2 for some time and Fera suggested I check out SoH, have known her for 5 years? We were in an alliance together in GW and had alot of fun times, mainly in pvp.

Waiting for beta tomorrow :D

Not sure what else to add, compared to most gamers my experience is very limited, played Neverwinter Nights for about 5 years, GW steadily until Aion released, played from closed beta until 10 months after release ( was tired of competeing against RMT), started back with aion when the subs dropped but mostly killing time until GW2 releases.

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Well hello! So nice to see you here :) Come on in.... the water's fine lol

I'm going to set your status to Friend so you can have a bit more forum access. You might want to check out the polls n such in the GW2 subforum asap and vote, etc. Also, make sure your mumble is up to date and grab the info from Chapter Policy thread! I'll be on mumble at 1p tomorrow ^^

HUGE hugs.

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