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Gw2 want to join SoH

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Hey im Natedub/Natedub.1027 and im from vcms and as you guys know they died out so im hoping to join your guild it will be awesome to meet all of you guys and get to know you. im  pretty cool guy and love this game and cant wait to meet you and play the game. :)

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Hi Nate -- glad you found your way to us ^^  Mind answering a few questions for me? I'd like to get to know you a bit :) 


What have you been up to since you left GW2? How regularly do you normally play? Have you kept up with the patch notes so you know what's changed? And what's your favorite color? Do you prefer long walks on the beach or midnight swims in the ocean? ;)


Lastly, do you WvW?

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Right now i have been playing alot of pvp. and yes i know about the latest patch up dates and wvw not to much lately. im on at least 3-5 times a week. i  live in NY and have three jobs. my favorite color is Green. :p oh and my main is a lvl 80 thief 

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Several of your VCMS pals are enjoying SoH -- I hope that will be true for you as well ^^


I'll get you set up with Recruit status here on forums and send you an invite in game. Soon you will recieve a PM from me here on boards (look for red in the upper right corner).


Please take a moment to read the following threads and reply in them. 107%20Wink.png

  • read and sign the Code of Conduct here
  • Mumble download and setup is here
  • GW2 Chapter new member orientation here

Cya in game!!!

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