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Wildstar Intro, or Into the life of Kevnobi

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Name: Kevin

Level: 25

Race: Human Male

Class: Web Developer

Origin: Austin, TX

Resides: Austin, TX


Achievements: Degree holder in Philosophy of Texas A&M University, Husband to a beautiful bride, Axe wielder (guitar player), Brewmaster (I make beer), Ascender (I rock climb).


As the stat sheet says, my name is Kevin and I'm a developer who lives in the beautiful Austin Texas. I played WoW from Vanilla to Cata, but found (to me) it became derivative and lacking the wanderlust I felt it once had. I tried many other MMO's such as SWTOR, GW2, LOTRO, and more recently ESO, none of which have had the draw to keep me in longer than a few months.


I feel like WS is different. I'd love to find a cool community to hang out with, as that has a tremendous amount of influence on how I feel about a game. I saw yall's post on reddit and thought I'd check ya'll out!



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Hey there.  Welcome.


You will very quickly become pestered with questions.  It's what we do (as you may know from looking at this forum.)  For example, what kind of guitar do you have?  Or if you have multiple, what's your favorite?  Why do you need the need to specify that you are human?  Is it because you were a philosophy major?  What kind of beer to you make?  Anything turn out particular well and particularly bad?

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Hey Kevin, 


Welcome to SoH.  Its a good group of people we got here.


-How long have you been rock climbing?  Whats your biggest accomplishment with it?  Do you think this will influence you to wanting to play an explorer in game?

-Are you an independent contractor for web development or do you work for a company?  

-Were you in previous guilds in WoW or did you enjoy a lone wolf approach?

-What is the best breakfast you've ever had?

-What do you think youll be playing in Wildstar? What made it stand out from the crowd for you?


Hope to see ya in game!

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That was fast!


Terse - my favorite beer to drink are BIG beers. I'm talking lots of flavor, high ABV, high IBU's. These usually entail Imperial Stouts, Double IPA's, Belgian Quads, American Strong Ales, and a few others. I'm a hop head, so I'm particularly drawn to brewing IPA's but honestly my favorite beer is usually the one I'm in the process of making.


Toobz - I rock a pretty basic fender strat for my electric rig with a minimalist pedal setup. Got your basic loop, distortion, reverb, and fuzz box. I've done a few acoustic sets with my Taylor 214, but I tend to stick with electric. Being in Austin, I strive for the thick bluesy sound of SRV. I suppose I included my race to fit the motif of my character sheet, not because of any particular affiliation with philosophy. That's probably not as good an answer as you're looking for. As I mentioned to Terse, I enjoy big beers, and am always fond of my last brew (usually because the keg empties too quick!). My best beer was a pumpkin brown ale I made for thanksgiving. Could have just been the fall weather, but something make drinking it in the brisk evenings with my wife extremely nice. My worst beer to date was a coffee, oatmeal stout which couldn't hold a carbonation no matter how much CO2 I threw at it. Never figured out what the problem was...

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Eslosh - I've been climbing for about 6 or 7 years now. I'm not sure if you're familiar with grading systems or different routes, but my biggest objective accomplishment was climbing a V7 in bouldering and a 5.12b in roping. In terms of subjectivity, my biggest accomplishment is getting my wife into climbing! I will definitely be playing an explorer. I do a bit of both. I work full time in a medium sized company doing front end / app dev work, but I also work with alot of non-profits / churches  / local business doing freelance work. I enjoy the freedom of freelance jobs. I played in guild in Vanilla and BC, but spent most of my time playing with IRL later in WOTLK AND Cata. Best breakfast is two huge breakfast tacos from a local hole in the wall place down the street from where I grew up. I'm planning on rolling a SS Healer. I enjoyed the style in the beta, and it seems as though people are shying away from them and I'd like to fill the gap!


Noesis - Mere numbers cannot express the amount of times I say ya'll in a day. it's such a beautiful, efficient word. I'm curious / excited /skeptically optimistic about dungeons and raids. From what I've seen they look awesome, but I've been let down in group content before. From an aesthetic stance, blue is fine. Seems very neutral and calming. From a pragmatic stance, I love to contrast it with orange in web design because it creates the highest amount of contrast between two colors.

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I'm a bit curious about Austin - I've been frequently told that's the place in Texas I should visit.  What's it like?


I'm afraid we diverge somewhat in our beer taste.  I went through a period where I was tempted by all this double I.P.A. OMGHOPS stuff.  But I think the American beer scene has actually just gotten carried away with it.  I like hops, I do.  But I don't like being bashed over the head with them.  I think there is a middle ground where we can have things that are food friendly and easy to drink, without going back to watered down crap.


But it's all just opinions, of course!

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