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23 hours ago, Becani said:

Favorite drink would have to be spiced rum mixed with espresso.


Yep, I'm telling my wife about this. The other day she got excited at the idea of mixing fireball with apple cinnamon tea.


2 hours ago, Rohj said:



Yeah I don't know what you're asking either, hahaha.

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Salut Inedit!


J'ai vu Muzzy. Mais, c'été il y a plus d'années.


Tu es Foutu. :3


I am actually a northerner, I live in New Hampshire. I picked up 'y'all' from a southern ex-girlfriend, and from my cousin who grew up in Tennessee. So I say "bless your heart" about zero times a week. Am also aware that y'all is singular in a lot of places. (like Tennessee)

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Hello and welcome.  A few items of business to attend to.


What's your favorite color?

How do you feel about the movie Space Jam?  How about Aladdin?

Who's in your picture?

What do you want to be when you grow up?




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