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[FFXIV]Wacih Bolgi


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Hello my ingame name is Wacih Bolgi. I play Dragoon and have been playing since patch 2.5. 


My real name is Matthew, I'm from Canada. I'm 19 years old so a bit on the young side and i have a strong passion for video games and hockey. In fact i work for the local hockey team which is a fun experience. I'm a bit on the shy end so sorry this isn't really detailed but I can answer any questions you have and I'm pleased to meet you all.

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44 minutes ago, hockeystars59 said:

Some other games i enjoy are persona, Xcom, and Civ. I'm more of a dog person. It's spring and i prefer coffee. Also lalafells are popotos  


You were doing so well with the response of dog person. Then came the popoto answer..............

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Ignore the Popoto lover above. We can just punt him if he gets too obnoxious.


I've definitely become a convert to X-COM myself, such an amazing game. I was also glad to hear that I don't have to rag on another Habs fans.


Anyways, looking forward to chatting with you in mumble.

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