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  1. A stealth game loosely based on your life:


    1. sup3rg00se


      No one ever suspects the goose. That is what makes us so dangerous. 

  2. Howdy and welcome to the forums! What are your thoughts on lalafells? That will tell me all I need to know about you.
  3. Lala army unite! Welcome and look forward to meeting you.
  4. sup3rg00se

    FFXIV - Ery!

    I'm sorry but you failed the Lalafell question. The only acceptable answer is they are the best thing since sliced bread. Anyway welcome to the FC!
  5. Welcome and let me know if you pick up Battlefield. We can get utterly destroyed together!
  6. You were doing so well with the response of dog person. Then came the popoto answer..............
  7. Welcome! Was good chatting with you the other day.
  8. Welcome to the forums and welcome back to FFXIV.
  9. Sometimes you feel like a nut... sometimes you don't.

    1. Merriwhizzle


      Because Almond Joys have nuts. Mounds don't.

  10. What's up Goose?



    1. sup3rg00se


      That is my reaction whenever you mail me in game junk. This goose's feelings mirror my own. 

  11. Hey Minty, I can get you set up in game a little bit later. Midri will be in touch for a "mumble date" just to go over some background stuffs. What other MMO's have you played?
  12. Proud lalafell! Don't let these cat swine try to tell you lala's aren't awesome! Welcome to the forums.
  13. FFXIV Casual Raiders, please check the thread for an update and further instructions!

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