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Hi there, I'm not entirely sure what to say, or how to format this, but I figure I'll ramble on about myself, and leave the deciphering to you fine folks!

I'm 29 (30 in February, sad times..) and have been gaming, well, for as long as I can remember starting with the old consoles then the old Wolfenstein 3D game, and spent many hours playing SkiFree as well, if anyone remembers that! I'd say gaming is probably my biggest passion, followed by my dog, of course. I've played a lot of different games, and used to be pretty big into shooters until I got my first taste of MMOs back in EQ, but I couldn't play it that much because I was in school at the time, but remember it costing me some pretty bad grades regardless due to the amount of time I wanted to spend on it. Eventually WoW came out and I played it pretty hard up until WOTLK and into Cataclysm, and since then it's been off and on with WoW - not to say I don't still play it at times, but it definitely does not occupy the bulk of my time like it used to. I've debated on picking up Battlefield 1, but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it at the moment, or if I want to deal with getting utterly destroyed.

Outside of that, IRL I work from home a bit, and live in Tennessee, pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but it's home for now! Single, and never married, no children, but do have a niece, and two nephews that are plenty enough for my taste for now, lol. 

Dog person
Love Lalafell, but can't be bothered to try to play one sadly
Bacon. What else can you say?
Enjoy gardening, and being outside when it's not miserable out, but otherwise love this time of year and Fall in general.

If you have anything else you want to ask I'm pretty much an open book. Otherwise I'm actually kind of a quiet person unless I'm rambling on about something I'm passionate about, so my apologies for that!

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Hello and welcome! I see you've preempted many of our typical follow-up questions, so let's see...


I know you spent most of yesterday leveling fishing--what's your favorite place to fish so far?


What are your goals in FFXIV? ("Chill out and be social" is a valid answer!)


Current favorite non-MMO game?

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14 hours ago, Midri said:

Welcome!  Please give dog pictures. :D


Sorry for not replying to your alls responses sooner! But of course, let me find them! :D The halloween pic was when my mom dressed her up like a little witch, honestly kind of surprised she tolerated it as much as she did! I never thought I'd love a little dog like her as much as I do, as I've usually been a fan of larger breeds typically but I wouldn't trade her for anything to be honest!


15 hours ago, Kestrel said:

Welcome! If you're ever looking for a new addiction, check out Rocket League, a handful of us really dig it.

I've seen people playing it, but honestly I never even considered picking it up. How is it? I know I have been tinkering with WOW with its recent expansion, but I'm not sure how long it's going to hold my attention due to the sheer amounts of RNG that's been thrown at players that I'm not exactly a *huge* fan of lol.


17 hours ago, sup3rg00se said:

Welcome and let me know if you pick up Battlefield. We can get utterly destroyed together!

I might take you up on it. When I get paid next week I might consider it. Have you picked it up yet or on the fence like myself? I know I played the hell out of COD2 way back in the day and those old games like medal of honor and stuff, but the junk out now I've just not been a huge fan of.


18 hours ago, Rhiannon said:

Hello and welcome! I see you've preempted many of our typical follow-up questions, so let's see...


I know you spent most of yesterday leveling fishing--what's your favorite place to fish so far?


What are your goals in FFXIV? ("Chill out and be social" is a valid answer!)


Current favorite non-MMO game?

Hey there Rhiannon - To be honest I like about everywhere so far in FFXIV. The change in weather, and night and daytime changes, it keeps it new, fishing is actually kind of fun. I also enjoy it in real life too, so it might be that. As far as goals, I'm not entirely sure of yet. I messed around a little tonight on my Arcanist, and thinking about picking up summoner and leveling it up. I am in a raiding guild on WoW at the moment, and well, it's okay. I can't say I've done a whole lot in FFXIV as far as potentially looking to do something like that. I started the game on a paladin on a different server when the game launched, hit 50 and actually enjoyed dungeons and stuff, but that was the extent of it. Played bard a bit and then when the expansion came out I messed around a bit but was mostly guildless at the time, so I never bothered doing anything that required too much.

I've raided on other games, but FFXIV is one I haven't done much of at all so I haven't considered it thus far, but it's not off the table but it definitely isn't something I'm all gun-ho about either since I feel just as new now as ever lol.


My current non-mmo game? Well there isn't really a current as I'm waiting for the game I want to play to go through some fixes but I love tower defense games. Orcs Must Die and Dungeon Defenders, dumped a lot of hours into both of them lol. I've also messed around on Diablo at times, but I get pretty bored if I don't have people to play with regularly. 

I've tried games like Ark as well, and while I like it, it's similar to that of Diablo, in that if I don't have folks to game with, I generally grow tired of it. (But I'm that sort of person anyway, and enjoy playing with people and absolutely hate sitting by myself.






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