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  1. Okay well I was bored enough to do some digging! I played in March of 2015, but probably not for very long. I have five characters, ranging in level from 3 to 10. So... I probably didn't find a class I loved, yeah? Not that I even remember how the class system works... I might poke more at it later. I'd hate to think I downloaded ~80GB for nothing.
  2. I know for a fact I have played this at some point in my life... because I remember thinking that Jennifer Hale phoned it in for her character in the prologue sequence... but I can remember literally nothing else about this game. When did I play? What did I play as? What was my account? Did I like it? Mysteries for the ages...
  3. Yoshi-P on Ultimate Coil: "Especially black mages might have a hard time in the early stages." Please look forward to it!

  4. Hello! It's gonna be a bit quiet around here because several people are on vacation, but welcome just the same! What job(s) in the game are your favorite?
  5. Welcome! We're all a little stir crazy because of maintenance today! Our fearless leader is either gone or about to be gone for about a week, so there might be some delays with some of the administrative stuff re: taking you in as a recruit. I dunno. We can probably work something out, though. So you're returning to FFXIV -- what job do you play? What kind of content do you enjoy most? Why did you leave in the first place? How do you feel about Lalafells??
  6. Welcome and we'd be glad to have you, but please note that we are on Leviathan, which is neither Jenova nor Cactuar. Unless your friend is willing to transfer as well, I'd encourage you to look for friendly communities there. Best of luck, and if you do end up coming to Leviathan, hello there!
  7. Rogue One: pretty good!

  8. Lore book so preeeetty <3

  9. It's true! And funnily enough, DRG ended up being the last of the (original) job stones I acquired post-launch--and I didn't level it to 50 until I was a lala again for those strange three months at the end of 2014. Just something about tiny people with big sticks, man.
  10. Hello! Here's a secret I don't think I've told anyone in SoH before (!): I say that I've mained BLM since the ARR beta, and that's true, but before I ever even tried THM--earlier in the beta--I played a lala DRG! I too found the juxtaposition of lala and lance hilarious. Anyway, welcome!
  11. Lore book is on its way!

  12. Hello and welcome! Nice! What kind of videos? Willing to share?
  13. Rhiannon

    FFXIV - Ery!

    And nearly as nutritious!
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