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Welcome to South of Heaven, Overview

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Founded in 2005, SoH was established as a gaming community for mature players to enjoy exploring MMOs together. Since then we've branched out to include other types of games as well as different platforms. The stability and longevity of our community is due in large part to our vetting process, which is a two-way street. We ask all prospective members to vet us while we, in turn, vet them.


In so doing you will discover that the SoH community is very-much a friend-first group of gamers. Essentially, we choose each other with which to play. And while we believe that real life comes first, gaming is the best hobby there is! In SoH, we play lots of different games and are comprised of people from all walks of life. We're proud of that fact, and we guard it, and them with great fervor.


If you're new to our community we ask that you get involved so that you can get to know us, and we can get to know you. For like-minded gamers, this will be a piece of cake (and this cake is not a lie!)


Step 1: Read our Code of Conduct. While we take this document seriously, it's generally a no-brainer for like-minded gamers. There's no need to sign this, but we ask that you comment on it in your Introduction.


Step 2: Go to the Public Access section of our forums and write an Introduction. Tell us about yourself and please include something regarding the CoC, i.e., do you think you're a good fit based on what you have read?


That's it! Easy!


Now all you have to do is grab a Discord invite and join in the fun \o/


Active groups (Cohorts) you're welcome to join:

Destiny 2

2 weekly raid(s) and 2 other optional group events each week, currently welcoming new players. Lead: Grieve


Fallout 76

2 group events per week, currently welcoming new players. Lead: Practical



PvX, 2 group nights per week including dungeons, WvW and Fractals, currently welcoming new players. Lead: Simone



End-game content weekly events scheduled based on activity/interest Lead: Elend


Elder Scrolls Online - PvX, 1 group night per week, minimal activity at present. Lead: Gul

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