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Code of Conduct (Re-Imagined)


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We strive to select membership that naturally contribute to our community, and thus we have few rules. We do, however, have certain core values with regard to behavior. They are as follows:


  1. No drama. Games are a leisure activity and our Members prefer theirs without anger, petulance or ugliness. If you're not able to resolve a disagreement with another member, speak to a Game Officer.
  2. Ongoing improvement. We are not a hardcore guild and have no playtime requirement. We do, however, play to win. As such, Members are expected to improve their individual game play and teamwork, and be open to (as well as provide) feedback to their peers.
  3. Sportsmanship. In PvP titles, we are tenacious, but civilized. We do not harass or "grief" our opponents; we thank them for a good fight. Remember that your actions, even when you are alone, reflect on the entire guild. If you choose to behave poorly, you have made that choice for all of us.
  4. Fair play. We believe in abiding by each title's EULA; the use of 3rd party software not permitted by said EULA to hack, cheat or bot is strictly prohibited. Likewise, abuse of most bugs and exploits is grounds for dismissal. If you are unsure as to what constitutes an exploit in the context of the game you're playing, please see a Game Officer. 
  5. Friendship. Everyone is expected to treat each Member of SoH as a friend, including being social in-game and in Discord. Minor things like greetings or query responses go a long way toward creating the type of atmosphere this guild is about. Always put guild-mates first when planning your game activities.
  6. Community. By holding these core values, we create and contribute to a community that transcends individual titles. We strive to be inclusive of any and all peoples and eschew those who demean others on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, politics or religion.
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