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Galen Dipit

Introduction - Galen

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Hi potential space friends,

I saw your ad on r/evejobs and wanted to introduce myself to you all. In game I'm Galen Dipit - I've been playing on-off for the last three-ish years and in that time have flown with Horde (too big and impersonal) and Ushra'Khan (MinAm FW isn't very lively to say the least). I've been wanting to get into small and nano gang for a while but have yet to find a chilled group that understands that playing casually doesn't mean you don't want to play. At the moment I'm actually based in Orvolle, Placid doing exploration in and around syndicate.

IRL: I'm a Brit living in Madrid, Spain with work and other commitments that make it difficult to play a lot. Generally I can play Wed-Sat 21:00 - 00:00. I understand you are mostly USTZ but you also have a couple of EU pilots who are looking for some fleet buddies. I also play a bit of Smite and Paladins if anyone's into that. Sadly I have no pets myself, but my Mum has a Border Collie who we all adore. 

Fly Safe o7        

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Hiya Galen - looking forward to flying with you!


Whats your favorite hull, aesthetically?

Favorite drink? Alcoholic or otherwise!


I think we've got lots of opportunity for nano/small gang stuff, so I think your joining at a great time!

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Hi Galen - glad to have you aboard! It was good talking to you on Saturday. Sounds like we need to get some small gang fleets going in the 2100-0000 timeframe on Saturday. Looking forward to that and flying with you soon!

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