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Greetings from sunny Cincinnati, where the spring has sprung and the meth-labs are humming!

I'm Mark (Cadenus in Aion), and it's very nice to meet everyone :D

I have been an active gamer forever. It all began one Christmas when I unwrapped a shiny new copy of Everquest. Since then, my gaming sickness has continued through a multitude of titles.


DAoC (Aion's grandma)




WoW (not long on this one, I have never had the gift of suffering fools.)

And now... (drumroll) Aion.

Aion has been a new situation for me, coming from FFXI, it's been hard for me to focus on just one character. FFXI gives such ease of changing between 'jobs' and getting used to being the same thing all the time has forced me to level a great many alts. I wanted to be sure I found the class that would continue to challenge me.


I have a bunch of 30ish characters and no real 'main' to speak of at this point. That being said, finally, I have set my mind on Assassin, and am looking forward to seeing something beyond Kromede's stingy a$$.


Full set of daevonian :) and at least a 299 in every craft.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention...

<----Big Crafting Nerd

I play most every night after 6pm eastern, give or take "spouse aggro nights" when I am forced to watch "Project Runway" :mad:

Why South of Heaven?

Well, in my alt madness, I never 'settled' in with a particular group of people. I've joined a few different legions, here and there, shopping around for one to call home. I chatted with Sebastian today, and from the sterling review he gave to all of you, and the story of your multi-game friendships, I think this is the type of legion I'm looking for. I am particularly excited at the idea of an 'whole game legion'. As, I too want to experience every aspect of the game.

My Legion/Guild/Linkshell ethic?

1. Treat everyone as you like to be treated.

2. Never forget there are real people behind the toons.

3. Ask, never demand.

4. Give more than you take.

5. Have fun, try to laugh as much as possible.

Because after all...

It's just a game.;)

Peace and Hair Grease,

Cadenus (Mark)

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