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  1. Tell us about yourself? Male or female? In school? Job? Hobbies? Favorite color? Cats or dogs? Age?
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    2. Yuri


      Agreed, when Daniel left for a season my heart was broke, but I didnt want to stop watching. After Jack left it just got weird. I still enjoy the last few seasons, just lost a lot of umpf for me.

    3. Stasis


      I'm excited. Any SG news is good news. Hell I loved Atlantis.

    4. Scp


      Atlantis was really good, too.

  2. I dont play EvE but I wanted to come in here and +1 your name!
  3. You are a Last Week Tonight guy as well as a FFXI vet? Amazeballs. Minori where have you been keeping this guy? Edit; the sweet bonus is for the people that party with you in content. If you havent cleared it yet other players get a phlio/eso/lore bonus, these points can be turned into goods such as relic items. This may not be FFXI relic but there is still some decent hours put in. Bonuses from good people like you make my whm staff a closer reality.
  4. Hello my soon to be fellow healer and Lalafell, welcome to our boards. Minori said you were a cool guy so I will go with that. A few questions: Minori said Yoshi smelled nice, do you agree, and if so, what do you think he smelled like (since you have touched him) Pancakes or muffins? If you had to change from the greatest race in the world, to another less favored race in game, what would it be? Can I take you though anything my new friend? *cough* this is not for your sweet, sweet bonus I swear *cough* Finally, what other games have
  5. Oh for the love of... WE HAVE BELLYBUTTONS! I have screen shots to prove it!! Lala pride represent man, you should do it, we are the best! Welcome to the forums.
  6. Nice intro, welcome to the boards
  7. Lala pride represent! Welcome to the forums!
  8. Welcome back! It was nice chatting with you yesterday in game. Hope to see you on soon
  9. Hello! What server did you play in FFXI? We love to meet old players. Grats on your engagement. My husband Scp and I met through FFXI and we have been together 9 years now, couples that game together, stay together Welcome to the forums!
  10. Bold choice of a avatar! Im going to call you the Anti-Inedit (inside joke you will get later :p) Just one question for you, what does your pull macro say? I saw it last night when you were raiding and I am curious about what it said. Would you mind translating it for me? Thanks! Welcome to the forums!
  11. What time do you normally get on during week nights? I dont normally stay up to late on week nights, early work and all. I will probably just pm you a list of things that would be good to invest in, you can check the prices against your MB at your leisure.
  12. I am unlikely to be on tomorrow at all, my kid has to go back to the othro after school and dinner combined with Monday(day before reset) means TV day!
  13. I will be on for most of the day today, and can arrange a time to talk about some good market items to buy into.
  14. We can be adults about this. PM me about about a share schedule ^^
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