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  1. Long time since checking in!  How are you guys?  Everyone getting older/wiser?  Any of you guys play Albion?  Not really gaming much lately but just wanted to check into see how things are going?

  2. Psssst.  Guys...over here.  Don't tell anyone but I've just started playing a little WoW again after a 10 year hiatus.

    1. Merriwhizzle


      There's nothing wrong with a little WoW.


      Says the person with lots of alts, an undisclosed number of which are shamans.

    2. Scynner


      For me it was pretty bad.  I was pretty addicted back then and when I left I deleted every piece of armour and every one of my level 70 characters (Cap at the time).  I just had the urge one day to do some healing in the best trinity type game.  Lots has changed since I left.

  3.  Just wanted to touch base with everyone as it's been awhile.  I've been pretty busy with the kids and summer stuff so I haven't been doing any gaming since the spring.  I was getting pretty good at Sourdough bread, however I started gaining a lot of weight.  Since June 1, I've started a keto diet and have lost 24 lb.  Keto is a high fat, medium protein, and low carb diet...So I've given up my bread, beer and my best pizza in the world and when I do drink, it's whiskey (neat).   My goal weight is 195 so just 7 lbs to go.  I've also bought a fishing kayak and have been fishing.  Anyways, just wanted to touch base and wanted to say I miss you guys.


    PS:  My computer has also been out of commission for awhile and just got it up and running yesterday.

  4. Ugh, today was the first of many days scraping the frost off my windows.

  5. Won a beer fridge this weekend!




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    2. Simone


      That's hot, I'm jealous. 

    3. Oshri Paliako
    4. Ashin


      If I were asked to name the person I know "most likely to win a beer fridge", I have to say I would have put you at or near the top of my list.

  6. I will be away on business until Friday.

  7. Finally back from my road travels.  I need a holiday.

  8. Sigh...2 of 5 conferences done.

  9. Will be busy these next few weeks at multiple conferences and will be away tonight & Sunday to Friday.  Eck.  Will also be speaking at one of them.  I hate public speaking...worst salesman EVAR!

  10. Well I survived the presentation.  Long day.  Board meeting in the morning, drive 360 km to presentation and drive back all in the same day.  Couldn't even drink a homebrew when I got home because I was out and the next batch won't be ready for two weeks.

    1. Ashin


      Congratulations!  We're on similar schedules - my big presentation was last Friday, and my board meeting is Thursday morning.


      Sounds like we'll both be doing a lot of drinking this weekend!

    2. Scynner


      @Ashin I just heard back from the community and they liked my proposal so much that they want the scope expanded to include another community.  So good news with more work to do, but could mean a 500K/year account is now 1m/year.

    3. Ashin
  11. Hating this cold spell.  Last night it got to -49c with the windchill.  Supposed to warm up tonight though to  -43c.   Why do I choose to live in Saskatchewan? 

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    2. Darlantan


      It was about -15c (4f) a few mornings last week and I think I just spent my commute dead. Surviving -49 sounds intense.

    3. Merriwhizzle


      Been there, done that. With a toddler, a newborn, and a dog who was not meant for that cold of weather.

    4. Scynner


      We still have an extreme cold weather warning.  -46 with the windchill tonight.  Sunday is supposed to be much better.  Must....survive...until...th

  12. Yay, new Hearthstone expansion is finally out today!

  13. Yesterday was the first time since mid July in which I was able to play in my basement computer room due to a flood.  Was truly glorious and strangely comforting!

    1. Ashin


      Mancave 2: Return to the Mancave

  14. Well my basement flooded yesterday.  Guys are coming into rip up the floor and cut the bottom two feet of wall.  Insurance covers sewer back up which is what is figured to have happened (massive downpour yesterday) but just worried they try to pull some BS to not pay.  Won't be online for awhile for eve.

    1. Ashin


      Sorry to hear that.  Insurance companies can be very fussy when it comes to water damage.  Make sure you get a copy of the policy and read it yourself - ideally before the adjuster comes to your premise for inspection.  It's important you know what terms / language to use in order to maximize your coverage.  If you worked with a broker to select the policy, make sure you leverage their assistance as well.  Brokers often have departments that focus on advocacy for their customers.  Good luck.

    2. Kytn


      Oh no!! :( Good luck with the repairs.

  15. Happy 4th to all you Americans.

  16. Have you guys ever asked yourselves, how the hell did I get here?  For me, I'm in sales but I have a real fear of public speaking.  These two really don't go together...I'm fine talking to small groups of people (10-20), but tonight I'm going to have to speak to 100+ hostile people and I'm kinda freaking out.  It's irrational and I know a lot of people have the same fear.  Hell, the 2nd greatest fear people have is dying behind public speaking.  Can you believe that?  Anyways, sorry for hogging status updates.

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    2. Scynner


      Well I survived.  All in all I think the public meeting was generally positive and would describe it as grudgingly accepting of the message I was sharing.  One lady though was irrationally angry and confronted me after the presentation and she was just shaking she was so angry, but she was definitely the exception of the bunch.

    3. Tinymanz


      What in the world were you presenting?

    4. Scynner


      I'm an account manager with SaskWater, a crown corporation for the provincial government (Water utility).  We are losing money in a system that we are gradually trying to get to a cost of service level however the issue is compounded by the fact that the raw water supply system needs to be replaced for an additional couple million which translates into big rate increases.  It's ugly no matter how you spin it but I think people understood the importance of the project and the risk of failure if no action is taken.

  17. Hearthstone expansion out in about 10 minutes.  Blizz will also be implementing Standard and Wild formats.  Exciting times!

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