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  1. Long time since checking in!  How are you guys?  Everyone getting older/wiser?  Any of you guys play Albion?  Not really gaming much lately but just wanted to check into see how things are going?

  2. Psssst.  Guys...over here.  Don't tell anyone but I've just started playing a little WoW again after a 10 year hiatus.

    1. Merriwhizzle


      There's nothing wrong with a little WoW.


      Says the person with lots of alts, an undisclosed number of which are shamans.

    2. Scynner


      For me it was pretty bad.  I was pretty addicted back then and when I left I deleted every piece of armour and every one of my level 70 characters (Cap at the time).  I just had the urge one day to do some healing in the best trinity type game.  Lots has changed since I left.

  3.  Just wanted to touch base with everyone as it's been awhile.  I've been pretty busy with the kids and summer stuff so I haven't been doing any gaming since the spring.  I was getting pretty good at Sourdough bread, however I started gaining a lot of weight.  Since June 1, I've started a keto diet and have lost 24 lb.  Keto is a high fat, medium protein, and low carb diet...So I've given up my bread, beer and my best pizza in the world and when I do drink, it's whiskey (neat).   My goal weight is 195 so just 7 lbs to go.  I've also bought a fishing kayak and have been fishing.  Anyways, just wanted to touch base and wanted to say I miss you guys.


    PS:  My computer has also been out of commission for awhile and just got it up and running yesterday.

  4. Ugh, today was the first of many days scraping the frost off my windows.

  5. Won a beer fridge this weekend!




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    2. Simone


      That's hot, I'm jealous. 

    3. Oshri Paliako
    4. Ashin


      If I were asked to name the person I know "most likely to win a beer fridge", I have to say I would have put you at or near the top of my list.

  6. Where you from? I'm assuming Canadian since you said Dragons Den. What's your favorite drink & do you follow any sports teams?
  7. I will be away on business until Friday.

  8. Are you still out in the west coast? Most of the members here are all east coasters but there are a few, like me in central and western time zones. What's your play time like? As to other questions, what's your favorite drink? What do you like to do for fun outside of gaming?
  9. Welcome. Where are you from? If you could visit any place, where would you go and why?
  10. Finally back from my road travels.  I need a holiday.

  11. Sigh...2 of 5 conferences done.

  12. Will be busy these next few weeks at multiple conferences and will be away tonight & Sunday to Friday.  Eck.  Will also be speaking at one of them.  I hate public speaking...worst salesman EVAR!

  13. I've been here a couple years now and I took a break from EVE during that time but stayed with the guild because of the people. The Corp/guild is a multi-gaming group and I was able to play with other SoH members in those games.
  14. Welcome. So where are from? PS: I also like IPA. I'm a homebrewer and just kegged my Darkness IPA. Will be trying it in a few days.
  15. I just meant that if feels like there is a Florida coup in the works here.
  16. Welcome! Do you and the other new Floridian recruits intend to Fist Tickle @Ashin?
  17. Welcome! Have you played the Breaking Point mod in Arma 3? I spent a good deal of time playing that. What kind of dog do you have?
  18. Can you skate? Pardon my ignorance but do many South Floridian's know how to skate? If so, you just earned a Canadians respect.
  19. Welcome! My question, you have the choice to: a) Visit Venice and sip an expensive bottle of wine while on a gondola watching the sunset. b) Visit Germany watching the sun rise while cracking open a fresh baked sourdough bread after a night of sampling many of the best german beers. c) Participate in spring training with your favorite MLB of your choice. What would you choose?
  20. I just had a flashback to a story that I would like to share with you guys. My ex-wife and I had a bright idea to train our cat to use a toilet after having seen some videos of other cats toilet trained. We did our research and essentially you do a bunch of mini-steps that once trained with the one step you move onto the next. ie, move litter to bathroom, raise height of litter box slowly, make litter even with toilet, put litterbox on toilet, take away litterbox and replace with bowl set in toilet with litter, etc until there is just the toilet. We were doing all right for awhile but in the end we failed miserably but somehow trained the cat to stand up and shit. Poor confused cat.
  21. Scynner


    Congrats @Oshri Paliako!
  22. If you do get out here, I can give you a ratting VNI. (will need to double check my inventory, but I'm sure I got one in 52g)
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