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  1. i dont even buy cards any more, i just play magic with friends using cockatrice. im quite an avid roleplayer: shadowrun, D&D, that sorta thing. i play alot of random board games with tabletop simulator, i used to play alot of yugioh x3. ive always wanted to get into stuff like, warhammer and stuff, but im not a billionaire, so that puts a damper on that.
  2. such harrasment cannot go unanswered for! i never get to talk about various mtg decks ive made and stuff like in a box, lots, out of a box, like 5 pancakes! and other stuff that would be inappropriate to talk about yes i work two jobs, one as a package handler at fedex, and the other as a cook at a restaurant, working early mornings or do you mean his other favorite dance i would be a supervillian with a terrible fear of the ocean and an obsession with building undersea bases
  3. Hai! im Dani, 24, gay, male. love playing games, hanging out with friends and watching movies and stuffs. been playing games all my like so i can get pretty hardcore into them, when im not working at least. currently looking to join the destiny 2 branch of this guild, but i play alot of different games and perfectly willing to branch out. hoping to hang out and meet new friends and stuff. thank you! <3
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