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  1. Celestial


    Welcome! I'm terrible at questions so I'll do my best! Do you have a favorite hero or villain? What do you think would be the best thing to put inside a piñata?
  2. Celestial

    Introduction and Hellos

    Hi there! I don't have an active FFXIV account currently, but I thought I would stop in and say hello all the same. I'm new here too so I can't say much other than I really like the folks here and you'll fit in great!
  3. Celestial


    Welcome! Skyrim was also a favorite of mine! I felt really bad about paarthurnax though so I downloaded a mod that changed the questline slightly so that nobody gets hurt. <3 Question time! If animals could talk, which one do you think would be the most friendly? Do you have a favorite cheese?
  4. Celestial

    Greetings from Luxtago

    Salutations! What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  5. Celestial

    Ahoy me hearties!!

    FFX is a favorite of mine as well. The whole story from start to finish is just amazeballs. Same with Mass Effect. <3 It varies. Having lived several years in both areas, I can say definitively that they are very different. Moving back and forth involved a bit of culture shock and re-acclimating. I was a closed beta/launch player. During this time, there were many things that were very strange indeed. My most favorite were the space bots. They would descend softly from the sky like a feather and gather nodes before floating back up into the clouds again. It felt a bit like: Extra cheese, extra mushrooms, pepperoni, black olives, and sausage. Served by Eric Northman from True Blood. *melts into a puddle and dies* <3 <3 <3 <3
  6. Celestial

    Ahoy me hearties!!

    Oh shoot! I really need to check these more often hehe. I suppose a late reply is better than none <3 I'd be the driver because I'm good at making snap decisions. Both! I can't choose. High sec because I mostly enjoy mission running and the silly banter between new players posturing at each other.
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      oh dear god, you 2 are scaring me ^^

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      Oops I missed Grieve's response.  Nevermind.

  8. Celestial

    Ahoy me hearties!!

    Oh! I should probably also mention that I've popped into discord until I am able to log in this evening. My name is Muffin, so you might see my face floating among the others in the list while I goof around at work hehehe.
  9. Celestial

    Ahoy me hearties!!

    I walked over to Nama by the at&t stadium. It's usually mostly empty so it's perfect for me. That and the waitress will do sake shots with me because we've become friends over the years so that's always fun. Only on the end of her shift though! I wouldn't wanna get her tipsy and then unleash her on more customers lol.
  10. Celestial

    Ahoy me hearties!!

    Sorry to double post but--! Something has come up for me tonight(last minute invite to sushi dinner) so I won't be able to log in. I'll definitely be able to log on tomorrow though. Sorry hehe.
  11. Celestial

    Code of Conduct

    Posting to confirm that I have read and understand.
  12. Celestial

    Ahoy me hearties!!

    Hiya! A couple years ago, somebody was kind enough to donate a first edition copy of Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers, par une Société de gens de lettres! There is also a really wickedly cool historical photograph section.
  13. Celestial

    Ahoy me hearties!!

    Awwwwww hehehe! <3 I'm really shy irl(social anxiety) so I just work in the back of the public library sorting things where nobody can see me. I get flustered and can't form sentences when I meet new folks face to face.
  14. Celestial

    Ahoy me hearties!!

    Oregon Trail, Mac Brickout, Lode Runner, Bubble Bobble, Shufflepuck, Fool's Errand, and various versions of solitaire. I have dusted off Oregon Trail(I'm still bloody awful at it), Bubble Bobble, and Fool's Errand occasionally, the last time being a couple years ago when I broke down and raided a bunch or shareware/abandonware sites.