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  1. Moved to Policy and Leadership =)
  2. Moved to Policy and Leadership =)
  3. If our first game is an omen, tonight will be a good night.



    1. Kestrel


      How were you top hero damage on Johanna? Teach me your ways, I feel like I'm hitting with a wet noodle instead of a flail.

    2. Darlantan


      I was able to jebait the other team over and over and over, and just spam W and Q on them while timing trait usage to kite them around. Also aiming blind on their zul'jin and artanis, and timing it well, to keep their damage down helps a lot in terms of staying in the fight and hitting people. I went with the battle momentum talent at 7 to keep spamming abilities, too.


      Mostly it's because neither team had much damage, and blind counters most of what the other guys can do. :D It helped a lot that the other johanna went falling sword and their varian didn't have taunt, lol.

  4. Henrdick's has such a cool website. https://us.hendricksgin.com/

    1. Grieve


      They have good Gin!

    2. Ashin


      That henrdick tho.

    3. Darlantan


      One of the best kinds of dick.

  5. Devil forever imo Definitely came back to something better than what we brought home from White Elephant at the family Christmas party! lol
  6. Definitely getting sick. All I want to do is sleep - rip weekend :/

  7. Oh thank god not another supporter. Welcome!
  8. Golden Moments...


    1. Darlantan


      ....Grieve and Elend still won. ^.^

  9. Oh man, you missed TWO golden opportunities to just go "Broegadyn". Welcome!
  10. Congratulations! Eve chapter officerin' up. I like it.
  11. Moshie did I just play against you in Quick Match?!

    1. Moshie


      Nooooooooo. I'm not even at my computer. Who is impersonating me!

    2. Darlantan


      A Li Ming! I tower dove to get her, but it was out of love.

  12. Ooh congrats! Many ibuprofens.
  13. Oh man, good to see another WoW PvP fan! I've only been up to 1700 in 3s and RBGs; I never did get into a team with a consistent schedule except for a few months when we were raiding in MoP. Totally agree with you that 5-7 days a week is not worth it. We (SoH) had a 3-day schedule with an occasional 4th day in WoW, and any more than that would have been pretty rough. I'm perfectly happy with how we did, too! Welcome. :3
  14. Sorry Vikings fans. You guys deserved to win that.

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    2. Inedit


      That poor kicker. Brutal to watch.

    3. Tilluk


      Thanks for the late xmas gift.

    4. Torick


      It's to be expected. 1999, 00', 05', 09', 12', 16' never forget.


    1. Darlantan


      I don't even remember why I posted this.

    2. Derodek


      cause mumble wouldn't go

  16. I think all the hungover people in chat room made it sick. It's gotten them back up now and seems to be feeling better though.

  17. Before we close down SoH-WoW one more time... Surprise! Congrats to Persipinei on promotion to Veteran. (and straight to Ghost) Maybe we'll see you in Minecraft again sometime soon!
  18. I never thought I'd say this, but... I just finished my first playthrough of Hatoful Boyfriend and I'm kind of intrigued about doing a second...

    1. Derodek


      Tilly being replaced by pigeons confirmed.

    2. Karayne
  19. Congratulations to Derodek on his (many-months-overdue...) promotion to Veteran!!!
  20. Hahahahaha I'm glad someone noticed!
  21. Gongrats to Icytictacs on promotion to Member =) Re-welcome!!
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